Wintergreen is Slade's butler and a minor villain.


Wintergreen is a minor character who has made a few small appearances throughout the series. Wintergreen first appears alongside Slade in Divide and Conquer where he served Slade tea as he watched Plasmus battle the Teen Titans.

Wintergreen disappeared soon afterwards, and it was during this time that he got romantically involved with the H.I.V.E. Headmistress. He made a cameo appearance in The Lost Episode where he is seated beside the H.I.V.E. Headmistress in the audience.

Sometime later, Wintergreen and the H.I.V.E Headmistress were both recruited into the Brotherhood of Evil. In the final battle between the combined forces of the Teen Titans and the Brotherhood of Evil, he was seen fighting alongside the Headmistress. Wintergreen was ultimately defeated and flash-frozen along with most of the other villains in the Brotherhood.


Wintergreen wears a white suit jacket, tie, and gloves with a black button-up shirt, fitting his name. He is rather aged, and has some grey-white hair complementing his bald head.


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Character Facts

  • In the DC comics, Wintergreen was a former comrade in arms and mentor to Deathstroke next to his profession as a butler, as some sort of counterpart to Batman's Alfred Pennyworth. He was killed by Deathstroke when Jericho had taken over his father's body (Deathstroke even mounted his former butler's head on the wall).
  • Wintergreen never spoke in the series.