The White Monster is a hostile entity - possibly an android - appearing at the end of the Teen Titans series.


The White Monster appeared under mysterious circumstances at a new construction site in Jump City, where it attacked the Titans right after they had returned from their conflict with the Brotherhood of Evil. In the midst of the fray, Beast Boy spotted a young girl who had an uncanny resemblance to their lost friend, Terra and decided to chase her down and find out whether she truly was Terra; this left the Titans short-handed against the Monster. After chasing it all over the city, they cornered it in a recycling plant, but it was too powerful for the four Titans to defeat on their own, so they called Beast Boy for help. The eventual defeat of the monster, while implied, was not shown, and its subsequent fate remains unknown.

Powers and Abilities

The White Monster has the ability to adapt its body structure to the properties of any material it comes in contact with. In its premiere episode, it has demonstrated the ability to adapt the properties of wet concrete, steel, oil, brick, stone, water, and molten metal. Once fully assimilated, it could merge with the material (in the process making itself effectively invisible), adopt its natural resilience to physical damage, and project it (if liquid or energy) from its body for offensive purposes. In addition, in its natural form the Monster possesses superhuman strength.


  • The Monster could have been inspired by the DC comics character Amazo, which is why some speculate it may be an android since Amazo is. It's appearance is even somewhat similar to Amazo in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.
    • The Monster could be a newly designed version of Amazo, signifying that the cliffhanger the series ended with could very well be a backdoor for the new season six rumored to air on DCU (the Titans solving the mystery behind their new enemy, Professor Ivo)
  • Its powers are similar to those of the Marvel Comics villain Absorbing Man.
  • This monster bares a striking resemblance to the "Highbreed" that also appear in Ben 10 Alien Force and" Ben 10 Omniverse. Its ability to take on the properties of materials it touches are similar to that of Kevin Levin.
  • It is possible that its place of origin may have been from the alien race called the Psions; their superior technology and sciences would explain the creature's advanced abilities as well as primarily attacking Starfire upon first encounters.
  • The monster does have one weakness:
    • Out of all the elements and substances the monster becomes, it only seems to be able to become substances categorized into two out of the four stages of matter: Solids and Liquids. Not Gases or Plasma.
    • The reason for this may be because stages of matter such as gases or plasma are the least stable of all elements. While it’s molecules do change their chemical makeup, they will need to reform. It may not be able to risk becoming something too unstable, such as gas.
    • The only other likely reason is that it would just be perpetually trapped in the form of oxygen if it could become gases or plasma.