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Quote1 One cannot damage history, because history cannot be changed. I went back in time to steal this because history says it disappeared. And history says it disappeared because I went back to steal it. Past, present, future. It's all written in stone, my dear. And nothing you do can ever change it. Quote2

Warp is a villain and an enemy of the Teen Titans, Starfire in particular.

Character history

Warp is a time-traveling villain from a hundred years in the future bent on stealing artifacts which are considered priceless in his time. He came into conflict with the Titans when he tried to get his hands on a priceless clock, claiming that he had to be the one who steals it because 'it is foretold in history'. Since he had studied the Titans' history and abilities, he was well prepared against them, fending off their attacks with ease. But as he opened a time portal with his vortex regulator and tried to escape back into his own time with the clock, Starfire impulsively followed him and ripped the vortex regulator off his armor, stranding them both 20 years in the future and aging Warp by a likewise amount.


Warp opening up a time portal with the vortex generator.

Starfire, in the meantime, found herself in a severely decrepit Jump City and her friends disbanded and in desolation after her disappearance. During her efforts to find Robin, she encountered Warp again, who took the vortex regulator from her, but was prevented from finishing her off by Nightwing, Robin's future incarnation. Nightwing took her to his base, where he used an old Titans Communicator he had kept to call the other Titans. The other Titans received his signal and they all rushed to the museum where it had all begun, just in time to see Warp reattaching the vortex regulator onto his suit. The Titans attacked Warp, preventing him from using his regulator to escape. They were prepared for Warp's advanced weapons this time, and a well-placed birdarang from Nightwing damaged the vortex regulator even further, invoking a surge of time energy which regressed Warp's age to that of an infant. Cyborg used the regulator to create a new time portal, returning Starfire and Warp's stolen clock back into the past and thus restoring the timeline.
Warp xa

Warp meeting an untimely end.

Warp returned, inexplicably and fully restored to adulthood, as a recruit in the ranks of the Brotherhood of Evil. When the Brotherhood executed its plan to bring down young superheroes all around the world, Warp joined See-More in bringing down Herald, but both were defeated. Later, in the final battle against the assembled Titans, he was defeated yet again by Thunder and joined most of his fellow villains in flash-freeze treatment.

Powers and abilities

Warp's powers derive from his armor suit which houses an arsenal of advanced weapons, such as:

  • a force field generator
  • twin shoulder-mounted laser blasters
  • forehead mounted laser blaster
  • forearm-mounted stasis/shocker units shaped like hour-glasses
  • glove-mounted air freeze units (which encase their victims in a sheath of super-cooled moisture, entrapping them in ice)
  • a power drainer
  • and at least one computer-controlled explosive disc.
  • The armor itself seems to be able to deflect Starfire's starbolts.
  • Self Defense for he was able to keep his hold against Night Wing (Future Robin in his mid 30's)


Teen Titans

Season 2

Season 5

Teen Titans Go!


  • A probable explanation for Warp's sudden re-aging is: when Starfire returned to the present with the stolen clock, she altered the timeline, making it so that him coming back, stealing it, and the eventual conflict and the suit being damaged, never happened.


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