Jinx/Kid Flash

The young heroes came across a brother and a sister dou namely Kid Kold and Ice Kate trying to rob a jewelry store. It turns out they needed some work on gettting into the shop unoticed (they smashed the window) and they need some aim practice. it turns out that KId Kold as Jinx's ex- boyfriend. They even had nick names for each other. Kid Kold's nickname was leo and he nicknamed Jinx lucky. While they catch up Kid Flash and Ice kate battle throughout the city. Kid flash chases after her when he runs on the iceslide she was on she outsmartshime with loops going through buildings and makes him fall and slide. unable to get upihe channels the speed fore in his hands tovibrate the ice slide so fast it breaks into a thousand peices. Ice Kate falls a few stories but is saved by Kid Flash. When KId flash and ice kate are gone Jinx confesses that Kid Flash and her are more than partners, and that she has seen the light and has chosen the teen titans. A few witty remarks later Jinx zaps his pants into pulling them down, embarrising him. when the dou are arrested Jinx and Kid Flash share their first official kiss. Kid Flash shows some concern by saying,"Lucky huh?Were you two an item or something?" "One of the many mistakes i made in the past! Life is good now... And so am I."

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