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Val Yor
Real Name Val-Yor
Place of Origin Vernathia
Residence Unknown
Species Vernathian
Affiliations Formerly: Teen Titans
Friends None
Family Unknown
Powers & Abilities Heat Vision
Super Strength
Weapon None
Likes Being a hero
Telling stories about himself
Showing Off
Dislikes Starfire
First Appearance Troq
Voiced By Stephen Root

"I don't need any help from a stupid Troq."

-To Starfire.

Val-Yor is a superhero from another planet who appeared in the episode "Troq".

Role in the Series

Val-Yor helped the Teen Titans to defeat the Locrix, but subsequently fell out of favor with the Titans because of his prejudice against Tamaraneans, Starfire's race. Val-Yor is presented as the arrogant symbol of prejudice and discrimination, a being that is flawed yet comparable with many of our own world, one who lies between the borders of good and evil (as he seeks to fight evil, yet ironically is touched more by its stain than many). Initially, he was viewed as something of a hero by the other Teen Titans, awing them with tales of his great deeds, until they found out what Troq—the name he always calls Starfire—meant.

The episode title, Troq, is a Tamaranean word which means "nothing" and which is used as a racial slur. It means that he views Starfire as just that—a "nothing"—meaning he thinks she (and the rest of her race) is useless. Val-Yor at first uses this term to refer to Starfire, but later, after she saves his life and helps him complete his mission, he gives an insincere "thank you" and says that she's "one of the good ones", which was still found racist by the Titans. This racist attitude eventually sunders his relationship with the Titans and Earth in general, and he returns to his own planet out of disgust. Returning back into his ship to leave Earth, he smiles, secretly.


  • Val-Yor seems to based off the DC Comic's Captain Atom, who has similar powers and the silver skin. Also, it should be noted there is a DC Comics hero named "Valor".
  • He calls Raven "Sunshine", Robin "Spike", Beast Boy "Champ", Cyborg "Metal Butt", and Starfire "Troq".

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