Teen Titans
Significant Episodes: Final Exam | Deception | Betrothed | Revved Up | Titans Together
Teen Titans: Robin | Starfire | Cyborg | Raven | Beast Boy
Villains: Slade | Jinx | Mammoth | Gizmo | Cinderblock | Plasmus | Mad Mod | Brother Blood | Mumbo | Blackfire | Control Freak | Trigon | Madame Rouge | Brain | Monsieur Mallah | General Immortus | Killer Moth | Kitten | Mad Mod | Control Freak | Brushogun
Miscellaneous: Tamaran | Jewel of Charta
Robin This user likes Robin.
ImagesCAVIL4GT This user likes Starfire.
Maybe This user likes Cyborg.
Ravenn This user likes Raven.
TT This user will answer the call "Titans Together!"
TeenTitansGo! Check it out! This user is a Teen Titan!
BATMAN This user is a fan of the Batman.
Terra vs. Slade This user killed Slade.
Slade Beware! This user serves Slade!
TrigonTheEnd Beware! This user worships Trigon!
Brain This user is the brains of the operation.
VillainsPortal Watch out! This user is a belongs to the Brotherhood of Evil.
RobinxStarfire This user calls herself Sbrady538.

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