• TrueThespian

    This blog is a place where fans are free to speculate and explain what their reactions to the last episode of Teen Titans, Things Change, are. This is a popular subject among Teen Titans fans, and this blog will give everyone the chance to express their ideas and theories and hear one anothers' as well!

    Answer the following questions and compare your thoughts with various others'! (You might want to write your ideas before reading others, just so your thoughts are not swayed before you begin.)

    1. How did Terra become freed from her curse of being turned to stone?
    2. Do you think that the girl who looked like Terra was the real Terra? Why or why not?
    3. If you answered "No" to #2, where/who do you think the original Terra is? Why?
    4. If you answered "Yes" to…
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  • TrueThespian

    Well, Teen Titans Go! just had its premiere. What were your thoughts of the first two stories: "Legendary Sandwich" & "Pie Bros." ? What are your thoughts so far about the series in general?

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  • TrueThespian

    Community of the Teen Titans Wiki:

    I am appealing for your approval for me to adopt this Wiki so that I can renew it and help bring it back some life. We currently have no active Administration on this Wiki; no one is watching over all of these articles and the hard work put into them. Because of this, much vandalism has occured. I wish to clean up these messes with your help and make our Teen Titans Wiki shine once again. Please vote in favour of my attempt to gain the Administrative rights and responsibilities of this Wiki, so that we may all prosper and bennefit on --and for-- this Wiki.

    Thank You,

    TrueThespian 00:31, February 7, 2013 (UTC)

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