Things Change is defiantly the most controversial episode of the show. It was the series finale (unless you count Trouble in Tokyo as the finale) and it left a lot of questions unanswered to the disappointment of fans.

Was the girl Terra,  if so does she still have her powers and memory, what was the white monster, how did Terra get free, were Beast Boy and Raven unknowingly attracted to one another, who was Red X, what was in Robin's case, who made Robin hallucinate Slade since the toxic was released outside of the tower and Slade was dead at the time, who was Slade?!?

Now some of the answers can be found by reading/looking up plot information from the comics but other questions are more harder to answer due to them being different continuties/different opinions and that some mysterious are soley connected to the show only.

So what do you think the answers to the age long questions are?

So, was Things Change a good finale and/or episode and were the creators intentions to leave these questions unanswered a smart/good decision as it leaves fans to imagine the answers themselves or lazy?

Teen Titans was a great show but having everything revealed would've been a better way to end the show in my opinion. Surely, this show was the first animated Lost. Heck it was the FIRST Lost.

Teen Titans (2003)  Lost (2004)

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