Hello everyone, I'm about to start my first fanfiction and it's is a Teen Titans Season 6 one. The plot is that Slade returns with his psychotic daughter Rose in order to make his youngest son Jericho is newest apprentice. There will be a side story with Starfire and Blackfire.

I never read the comics however some elements will be there from information I find from Wikipedia and etc. But there will be a lot of stuff that I will change for my story like for example: Is Rose bloodthirsty in the comics? I don't know but she is in my story. But remember, this a Teen Titan show fanfic and most fans of the show probably never even read a comic so suspect some things to be the same but a lot of things may be different.

Now there will be a little BBandRae but not a lot. I do want to use "Deathtroke" relating to Slade at one point maybe as his villain name as in the comics or something more out there like a name of a cult that Slade could be in charge of...or something.

I do plan to do more fanfics in the future but for right now I'm just focused on this one. I plan to post it on DeviantArt first and later. My DA username is AnimatedLover94 but I'm not apart of FF.n yet. anyone interested to read my upcoming story and what other fanfics do think I can write in the future?

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