Hello everyone Mattman and I need your help with a fan series we're making, it'll be about what could have happened in season six. This is a non profit series, so far we have me as a script writer and Mattman as the director. We need the following:



Video editors

People who can do a near perfect impersonation of the original cast, doesn't have to be completely perfect but good enough so that if you aren't listening for the difference you won't notice

You can also help write scripts if you want

And we'll need people who can do original voices to, so if you voice say the Joker that'll be your voice but with him you need to really bring on the crazy in your voice. You can even ad lib if you think of a really good line, all we ask is that you have a good mic preferably not the one on your computer. Also please give us voice reels if you can. Here's the application form

What part do you want? You may pick more then one job

For the artists show an original piece of art done in the style of the original show

For the animators give us a short original animation, nothing too long at most maybe two minutes at the very least thirty seconds

Video editors show your editing skills, put together a little video like a trailer for any pg or pg-13 cartoon/movie you're excited for, no youtube poops please.

Voice actors give us a voice reel of your best impersonation of any character from the original series or give your best impression of at least one of the following characters



Miss Martian

Static Shock


The Flash

Lex Luthor



Martian Manhunter


Doctor Ivo

T.O. Morrow



Amanda Waller

Wonder Girl


The Riddler



Matthew Logan

Duela Dent

Jillian Jackson


Marsha Queen of Diamonds


There will likely be more but the point is tell us who you're voicing in the same comment you have the voice reel on, do your best.

Script writers show us your best original script of any genre of any cartoon/movie/book

Remember to just have fun with your roles, that's all this fan series is about is having fun. I look forward to seeing what you're all capable of.

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