I'm here to review the movie Teen Titans vs Justice League. 

It is everything you could ever want it to be and more, the visuals are amazing, not as much blood as I thought there'd be, and the characters are on point. Warning, there will be spoilers to this movie and the last three movies Damian (the Robin of the movie) was in so watch this movie and Son of Batman, Batman vs Robin, and Bad Blood before reading this.

Starfire-She's not niave and I'm pretty sure I heard her use at least one contraction but the sisterly aspect has been kept. Starfire is the leader of the Teen Titans and she proves herself every second she's onscreen during the movie, she brings the team to the carnival and the halfway point so Damian and the rest of the team can bond and it works. She never raises her voice to Raven when questioning her one her father, doesn't get mad at Jaime when he loses control of the Blue Beetle scarab, tells Garfield he did a good job when he lost to Damian in a close match during Dance Dance Revolution, and gently but firmly scolds Damian when he's rude. If you want to see a Starfire that's a more mature version of the Starfire of the original TT cartoons there you go.

Raven-She's as cool as ever, Raven and Damian seem to be close in this version (As long as BB is the focus of the next movie, which will have Terra, I don't care) Raven is really cute and I can't explain it but everything she does that isn't her being awesome is cute. It's like the writers made her to be this awesome and adorable hero although I could've done without her passing out so much like maybe they should've had the scene were she passed out during the fight at the carnival for a moment changed to her struggling to fight but that doesn't matter much she's still awesome.

Blue Beetle-Not much on him, he's really cool and funny but he didn't get a lot of noticable scenes except for the epic scene at the carnival were he made himself super strong with the Scarab for the strength test game and shot the weight into the sky. He, Kori, and Garfield were just like :o and the manager of the game was just mildy annoyed. Hopefully in future movies he'll have more scenes.

Beast Boy-He's like that little brother who says and does weird things like licks himself...probably as a human, and is slightly innapropriate but he does it in a way that makes you laugh. BB is more serious in this series but he still retains that silly charm that makes you love him, he lightens the mood when things get serious and is an awesome dancer, Damian just barely beat him. They might've tied had Gar not getten so tired, hopefully he'll fall in love with Terra next movie and not have the spotlight stolen by Damian.

Damian-These last few movies have been him going from a killer who supports the League of Assassins to someone who follows his dad, Batman's, lead. This movie has him become part of a team and cut his final tie to his past, his grandfather Ra's Al Ghul who died in Damian's first movie, from here hopefully he'll become happier.

If this movie ever becomes a cartoon they'll have to do TV show versions of the movie, I give this film 5 stars and I hope it becomes a cartoon someday.

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