Ok, I have to ask something regarding a future Teen Titans reboot...

1. Would you like it if Starfire was the leader of the Teen Titans instead of Nightwing?

Reasoning: Not only did it work well in the Justice League vs Teen Titans movie but I feel that it would be a good change, Nightwing will still be very important but since he'd be off saving Bludhaven Starfire would be the next logical choice.

2. Beast Boy, Artemis, and Raven don't join the Titans until episode one of season one.

Reason: This new show would be about new dynamics, new plotlines, basically putting a new spin on the old stories. Here's their backstory, when the three were seven they and about thirty other kids escaped someone called the Harvest but only due to Terra's (supposed) sacrifice. Raven hid the kids in the ruins of Azarath where Harvest could never touch them, Raven, Artemis, and Beast Boy then spend the next six years on a remote island until Beast Boy finally says that they need to take action so he finds and seeks the help of Oliver Queen to make sure Artemis doesn't ever have to return to her villanous parents. Raven and Beast Boy then make their way to Jump City where they find and enlist the help of the Teen Titans.

3. The characters from the original series that don't have a backstory in the comics gain one in this possible reboot.

Reason: Come on we don't know anything about Jinx, or the three kids Raven took care of, or Herald, or Bumblebee, it'd be pretty awesome if we could get some answers on their motives 

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