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    Ok the cast for the new Titans series is out, here's my thoughts on the actors for Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven.

    Robin will be played by Brenton Thwaites-He looks like someone who'd be Dick Grayson. Apparently he's going to be a cop which is pretty cool. He'll be an adult so that's nice. Brenton is a great actor.

    Beast Boy will be played by Ryan Potter-Now I know what you're thinking, yes Ryan is half Japanese but 1. Most of the time he's going to be green so that was never really gonna matter. And 2. Ryan Potter's also an amazing actor and he has that general demeanor that Beast Boy needs to have so as long as he's not stereotypical it'll be fine.

    Starfire will be played by Anna Diop-Yes she will be African American but honestly, sa…

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    Just as it says right here, Teen Titans will be back on CN this next week at 6 AM, CN might change it but they probably won't because pulling it last minute will make people upset. Here, go to Monday August 7th and scroll down to six AM, guys if this does well they might give us one last season to wrap everything up, I mean how did CN build up hype for Samurai Jack?

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    Hello everyone Mattman and I need your help with a fan series we're making, it'll be about what could have happened in season six. This is a non profit series, so far we have me as a script writer and Mattman as the director. We need the following:



    Video editors

    People who can do a near perfect impersonation of the original cast, doesn't have to be completely perfect but good enough so that if you aren't listening for the difference you won't notice

    You can also help write scripts if you want

    And we'll need people who can do original voices to, so if you voice say the Joker that'll be your voice but with him you need to really bring on the crazy in your voice. You can even ad lib if you think of a really good line, all we ask i…

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    Ok, I have to ask something regarding a future Teen Titans reboot...

    1. Would you like it if Starfire was the leader of the Teen Titans instead of Nightwing?

    Reasoning: Not only did it work well in the Justice League vs Teen Titans movie but I feel that it would be a good change, Nightwing will still be very important but since he'd be off saving Bludhaven Starfire would be the next logical choice.

    2. Beast Boy, Artemis, and Raven don't join the Titans until episode one of season one.

    Reason: This new show would be about new dynamics, new plotlines, basically putting a new spin on the old stories. Here's their backstory, when the three were seven they and about thirty other kids escaped someone called the Harvest but only due to Terra's (suppo…

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    Need some help

    May 18, 2016 by Steven Bomb 17

    I'm trying to do some cleanup on the wiki but I need help with images. Please go to the insights tab and see what needs done. Also maybe some of you could help with the transcripts especially with the transcript for The Sum of His Parts, for some reason it was written in all caps and the format is a tad clunky 

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