So today, I introduced one of my friends to the Teen Titans finally. I had talked about it with him a lot and showed him clips, but I finally showed him it today. We had a 10 hour marathon (season 1 and 2). I can definitely say that the show holds up because my friend fell in love with it too (hence, watching it for 10 straight hours)! We may technically be "too old" for the show now, as in out of the show's primary age demographic, but we still highly enjoyed it. And if we can't finish it together (I'm heading off to college soon and he's not heading out for another month), he still plans to finish the rest of the series before he heads out. He's that hooked. I think that's the sign of a great show, when it can easily hook someone, especially when the show is still supposed to be a kids show. It has great stories, great characters, deeper meanings and themes, great action, and great humor, even if the show can be quite childish at times, but I think that's part of the charm

I would've said that to anyone before too, but it probably wouldn't hold as much merit because I had watched it when I was younger too and people might think I was just feeling nostalgic. But no, I still geniuinely enjoy the show and think it's at least one of the greatest kids shows, superhero shows, and shows in general. I mean, most of my spring break was watching the entire series, the movie, and all the DC Nation shorts (yeah, I'm that much of a loser) and have watched various episodes when they appear on TV and random episodes online again when I felt like it before doing this 2nd marathon. Now, I just did another marathon and I'm still not tired of it yet

I mean, this is the affect the show has had on me:

File:650px-Photo on 7-29-13 at 5.23 PM.jpg
And it's actually more than that now because I bought 9 more issues to complete a story arc.

Now I know this collection might not seem all that impressive, but I scarecely go to the comic store (lack of money to freely spend :(   ) and only just started collecting comics like a month or two ago. Yet I've already sepnt well over $100 on Titans comics (Infinite Crisis and Blackest Night don't really count; they're DC Universe wide and just happen to include the Titans)

Maybe I'm just weird (ok, I'm really weird) but has the show influenced anyone else this much or at least think the show is great too?

(BTW, I'm not a creepy person. I actually have a life outside of this, believe it or not, Titans stuff is just my main hobby now)

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