Hello! I would like anyone's oppinion on who I should pair Raven with. I am going to make shipping pages. Any names or Ideas will be much appreciated.

Beast Boy and Raven: the original couple:
Bb r5

Raven hugging Beast Boy.

What most people would say. In the comic book the two of them kissed and were a couple. Though, in the show Beast Boy is always tring to make Raven laugh, could be a sign of flirting. In The End part 3 Beast Boys hugs raven to make sure she's still Raven. With her reply being "Can this stop now?" <- NOT EXACT WORDS! In the Cartoon Network show Teen Titans Go! Beast Boy asks raven if she got a new bathing suit, her reply being "This is my bathing suit." Beast Boy then says, "Hot."
Bb r3

Beast Boy shocked of Raven hugging him.


Raven and Robin:
R r1

Raven hugging Robin as a thank you for giving her hope.

In The End, Robin is desperate to find Raven and even joins up with Slade to find her. With finding her left as a child, Robin they comforts her and puts her on his back. When trying to climb up a rock wall, Raven falls and Robin saves her. Robin then gives her hope and she maturesherself then defeats Trigon. She then hugs him as a thank you.

Thanks! Opinions please!