• Scarlet200

    Fan fiction

    May 26, 2012 by Scarlet200

    Hello every one or any one! :) im a new member to Teen titans wiki and Im actually wrighting a fan fiction Teen Titans! in still in the prsses of it and trying to get one of my characters degin SOON! So i was wondering if anyone would like to be intrested in reading it I will be posting the chapters in the blogs maybe and if I am not allowed to i will be posting them on a diffrent site and posting the link on my blog so you may all read it! :D I am i HUGE Teen Titan fan but i dont wanna call myself number 1 cause its not true i just know alot about it! But I will be posting about what my fan fiction will be i mean the little Bio about it... Im really excited to be working on this project and i am going to be working on the first chapter so…

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