Divide and Conquer

Hey guys, it’s Red here again. You guys know the drill, I ask the questions, you post the answers. So let’s get to it. And sorry guys. No link!

  1. What number’s did the 3 guards have on their arms?
  2. Who was the first Titan to speak and what did s/he say?
  3. In which order did the Titans attack Cinderblock (for the first time)?
  4. Who said this “I am sorry to disappoint you, but I am stronger than I look”?
  5. How many times did Cyborg and Cinderblock hit with the large poles before Cinderblock hit Cyborg and knocked him to the ground?
  6. What prisoner number was Plasmus?
  7. Is Plasmus a male or female(In human form)?
  8. How does Plasmus stay in human form?
  9. What does Cyborgs voicemail say?
  10. What was the mysterious mixture Starfire made after Cyborg left?
  11. What was Robin’s score on that beat Cyborgs?
  12. What color was the frame that held the picture of Cyborg and Robin?
  13. How many cans/bottles did Raven levitate and throw at Plasmus?
  14. Who caught Robin as he was about to fall from the conveyor belt?
  15. Who has the “Sonic” and who has the “Boom”?
  16. What color underwear was Plasmus wearing while sleeping?
  17. What color was the teacup?
  18. What was the last line and who said it?

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