Hey, guys. As you know, I just posted a Trivia/Quiz thing, so I left you this link to go to before answering. I'd prefer if you answered questions like the format below:

For any Trivia Questions: They'll all be numbered like this (pretend that the word "Question" is an actual question):

  1. Question 1?
  2. Question 2?
  3. Question 3?
  4. Question 4?
  5. Question 5?
  6. Question 6?

And so on...

Please answer these questions like this (pretend that the word "Answer" is your actual answer):

  1. Question 1? Answer 1
  2. Question 2? Answer 2
  3. Question 3? Answer 3
  4. Question 4? Answer 4
  5. Question 5? Answer 5
  6. Question 6? Answer 6

And so on...

So all in all, just copy and paste the original question, and bold your actual answer. That way, I'll be able to know which question your answering.

To bold letters, just place
 '''Text''' or <b>Text</b> 

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