The Many Cloaks of Raven


Raven's personalities

In the episode " Nevermore" we start getting a glimpse of who Raven is and the emotions she has hidden.

The Episode

This episode is very simple. The team is up against a villain named Dr. Light. At some point during the fight one of Raven's emotions gets out, not being able to get the emotion under control she warns Dr. Light "Don't Come Any Closer", Dr. Light says in return, "What's the matter, afraid of the light?". When Dr. Light says this Raven lets her emotion take control. She grows very big, her eyes turn red, and starts dragging Dr. Light toward her with her magic, replying with a witty "What's the matter, afraid of the dark?" In order to get Raven out of this state Robin has to tell her to stop. After hearing Robin's voice Raven snaps out of her emotion, calms down, and returns to normal size. When Beast Boy asks Raven "Dude, what did you do?" Raven's eyes glow red and she walks into an ally.

The next day Robin asks "Hey Raven, want some breakfast?", her only response is just being silent. When Beast Boy tries to convince her with the phrase "Wakey Wakey tofu eggs and backey", she responds with "Herbal Tea." Beast Boy tries again by reminding her of the night before. This makes her mad, her eyes glow red, turns around and yells "NO!" making Beast Boy's breakfast fly on his face.

After trying to apologize Beast Boy goes into Raven's room with Cyborg behind him stating "We're in Raven's room, we should not be in Raven's room." ignoring Cyborg's comment Beast Boy picks up a mirror that sucks them in and takes them to what they believe is Raven's "home".

Trying to get to Titans Tower they meet three girls in different colored cloaks but all look like Raven. The colors are Pink, Grey, and Green. They meet Pink Raven first, when asked why she is wearing pink Raven's responds by saying "Because it's my favorite color". When they go through the first door way Pink Raven leaves and Grey Raven comes into play, warning them that she can get them through the maze but says "When we reach the end you won't like me anymore, he already doesn't like me" (referring to Beast Boy,  leading them through a maze Raven apologizes for everything that she has done. After Grey Raven vanishes Beast Boy and Cyborg are left with a dramatic masked statue (one side happy, one side sad) that has swords and tries to destroy them both, this is where Green Raven comes in to save the day and defeats the statue.

After Beast Boy freaks out and asks "Who are you?" all three of them respond "I'm Raven." At first Cyborg is a little confused and Beast Boy falls down. Cyborg then says the emotions that each color represents revealing that they aren't in Raven's "home", they are in her head.

Raven comes and tells them that the mirror is for meditation.

Not a toy

Raven telling Beast Boy that the mirror is NOT a toy.

When asked what was going on Raven says "Let's just say I have issues with my father."

In the end they all learn a lesson and become closer.

The Colors

Raven has different colors for each personality

  • Pink Raven is Happy
  • Grey Raven is Sad
  • Green Raven is Brave
  • Orange Raven is Rude
  • Red Raven is Rage (which is the one that got out during the beginning)
  • White Raven is Pure (You see this one in the episode too)
  • Yellow Raven is Smart
  • Purple Raven is Love
  • Brown Raven is Lazy/Sloth
  • Blue Raven is Cold (This is her main color)

Raven's friendships

Raven may be a "loner", but she really isn't alone. She has many friends and with friends comes understanding. Raven can be more understanding than she leads on, more compassionate and vulnerable too.

  • With Robin
    • Raven can tell Robin anything. They have a very special bond.
Quote1 It's more than that, I can tell, we have a bond remember... You've been inside my mind let me inside yours. Quote2
Robin to Raven[src]
  • With Beast Boy
    • Raven and Beast Boy are pretty rocky, but when needed they can be good friend
Quote1 If it wasn't for that beast, I may not be here right now.... Having that thing inside doesn't make you an animal knowing when to let it out makes you a man. Quote2
Raven to Beast Boy
Quote1 You think your alone Raven, but your not. Quote2
Beast Boy to Raven
  • With Cyborg
    • Raven and Cyborg have some heart to hearts but not in the same way as Raven and Robin Do.
Quote1 He's green, half of me is metal, and she's from space. You fit in just fine. Quote2
Cyborg to Raven
Quote1 These are just parts. The thing you loved about that car, the thing that made her special that came from inside you. Quote2
Raven to Cyborg
  • With Starfire
    • There is a friendship but it is mostly through activity
Quote1 Raven, would you still have time in joining in the painting of the toenails later today?" Quote2
Starfire to Raven
Raven Wisdom, Compassion, and Confessions08:49

Raven Wisdom, Compassion, and Confessions

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