Hi everyone. Ratigan6688 here. I had to wait a long time to do this, but I wanted to make a blog post counting down my top 10 favorite episodes of Teen Titans. Not quite an easy task, because there are so many great episodes! So I picked some episodes I have watched alot or episodes that really seem to stand out. I love Teen Titans and to me this is show is a masterpiece of animation. So which episodes made the countdown? Let's find out.

#10: Nevermore


So many Ravens

Ever wish you could go inside someone's mind to understand what they are thinking? Well, Beast Boy and Cyborg get their chance in this engaging story. Raven and Beast Boy's relationship is often strained in the show, and it matches how brothers and sisters have difficulties understanding each other. The inside of Raven's mind matches her gloomy personality-dark, 99% covered in rocks, and even red-eyed monsters. We also see 3 of Raven's emotions, the happy and sad one expressing true feelings involving Beast Boy he never thought Raven would express in the real world; like for example the pink Raven laughing at one of Beast Boy's jokes, the sad one constantly apologizing for insulting Cyborg, the list goes on. And when Raven had to fight her angry side (in the form of Trigon whom would be a later problem), Beast Boy and Cyborg could have left Raven and gone to safety. But nope! They risk their one chance of escape to help their teammate and friend because that is what friends do. It's got a decent adventure, it boosts up some of the Titans' relationships, it's a really good one. Maybe I'll go back into Raven's mind again.

#9: Don't Touch That Dial

Titans TV

Titans on TV

In terms of a moral to teach, this episode is pointless-infact the Titans literally acknowledge that in the end of the episode. But all the jokes they make about television-now that's just great. One of the things I love about this episode is the collection of parodies of TV shows the characters go through; game shows, little kid shows, black and white family sitcom, science fiction, the list goes on. I forget all the cultural references they make in this show, but I do remember tat Star Wars imitated line, and Cyborg acknowledging that this the first episode of Season 4. And of course, during a news broadcasting-we see live action shots of kids. I'm used to seeing Spongebob doing that sort of thing, but I never thought Teen Titans would do that. All in all, it's a great show of references and jokes...Just don't sit in front of the TV too long like Beast Boy and Control Freak did.

#8: Troq


Val-Yor from planet Vernathia

This isn't really an episode I watch over and over again, which is why I put it pretty low on the list, but I'd definetly say it one of the shows most mature and emotional episodes ever! The Titans think Val-Yor is a cool hero...until they learn that he has been bullying Starfire by calling her a Troq- which a screenshot definetly implies that it's a racist insult. I will admit, there were a couple times Val-Yor's hatred for Starfire was a little too mean-spirited, like for instance when he smiled at the idea that Starfire may have been blown up by the mine or when she was "welcome to stay" at the Bad Aliens' (I forget the name of them) core. I'm used to evil villains feeling that way, but not for a character like Val-Yoor. Well, anyway seeing Cyborg comfort Starfire about the matter is what friends should do when they have been bullied, and the Titans all claim hey never would have let Val-Yor abuse Starfire if they had known. But then Starfire tells something that is true about real life bullies who are prejudice. There are cold-hearted people out there who are prejudice towards indifferent people and we may not be able to change their minds. But there are kind-hearted people who are not prejudice, and those are the ones whose words truly matter. And that shows what a strong character Starfire really is. That, and her willingness to put the mission before her own feelings. What else can I say? It's emotionally inspiring.

#7: Bunny Raven

Raven as a bunny

Funny Buuny!

One of the show's wackiest and funniest episodes ever! Everything takes place in Mumbo Jumbo's magic hat. It's really funny to see the Titans as animals and their lack of powers against Mumbo's err...thingies. It's especially funny to see Cyborg as a bear wearing a ballerina dress. Beast Boy can only transform into objects, but all the ways he communicates just show what he's going through. I also love some of the references they make, like Starfire saying she does not like being a cat in this hat (a reference to Dr. Seuss's iconic book of course) and those Mumbo versions of the Muppet critics. Not much else I can say about it, but it's very funny and colorful. That's one episode that won't be dissapearing anytime soon.

#6: Revolution


Teen Titans in a revolutionary war.

I love this episode so much, I watch it every Independence Day. The Titans are obviously too busy keeping the city safe to know about history (especially Beast Boy being the lazy goofball he is when it comes to smarts). But the Titans re-learn for themselves when Mad Mod takes over the city as King Moddie the 1st and turns Robin into an old man. Without their leader, the Titans have to figure out what to do on their own. They each have different plans, none of which work out very well. But in the end, the realize they need to cooperate and plan together in order to take back the city, just like what America's founding fathers did when they were trying to declare independence from the British. And when they formed their different plans as one, they started winning the battle again. I'd certainly take this episode over reading a boring history book any day.

#5: Cyborg the Barbarian

Cyborg The Barbarian

Bejabbers (no wait, that's another show).

This is pretty much an episode of character development where Cyborg has to learn to survive without his technology. I'm sure most of us are too used to the modern conviniences and technology taking care of us. And if we were in a world without it, we'd have a lot of difficulty surviving without them. At least Cyborg has an excuse; he's half robot who runs on batteries. If he doesn't rely on technology, he'll die. But things are extremely challenging for him as he is somehow stranded in 3000 BC. The battles against the green monsters are very epic, and Cyborg's emotional struggle of being someplace different is dramatic and very engaging. He knows he can't survive without a re-charging station, yet the villagers need him. It was kind of disappointing that Cyborg had to leave before the war was complete, but I am glad he was reassured that Sarasim and the res of the village won, which I guess is good enough. Like I said, this episode is epic, dramatic, and very engaging. See it, if you haven't already.

#4: Tie between the Season 4 story arc episodes (Birthmark, Prophecy and The End Parts 1, 2, and 3


The End of the world is coming!

Trigon destructed world

Ok it might seem like I'm cheating here, but if I were to rank these episodes individually, they'd take up half the list. And besides, the stories are the same; Raven struggling to avoid her deadly destiny of destroying the world. And I gotta say, these are definetly the show's darkest episodes! Birthmark and Prophecy are just episodes of build-up toward the day Trigon comes. Evil keeps telling Raven that nothing can save Earth, leaving our sorceress with little to no hope. We feel the same emotions Raven feels as she is frightened about Trigon's prophecy. It was EXTREMELY heartbeating and full of fear, but that's what made it so awesome! But when Trigon's prophecy does come true, Robin and the rest of the team refuse to give up. They keep fighting, they keep looking for ways to stop Trigon, and Robin even comes across a reincarnated Raven, full of Raven's lighter magic. The End Part 3's climax shows that no matter how awful things may seem, we must never ever lose hope. That's one story arc that just proves that there will never be an end to the world.

#3: Hide and Seek

59 HideAndSeek cap03

Raven doesn't babysit-until now.

I know it's wierd seeing as though I ranked a couple episodes before a group of the show's best written, but hey! Sometimes we need a balanced break after such a dark catastrophe. Besides, this a really funny episode. Much like Cyborg the Barbarian, this is one of those "ironic situations" sort of deal. Raven has to babysit three younger superheroes on the way to a Monks' church where they will be save from the Brotherhood of Evil. And the Teen Titans fanbase knows that Raven is the least character suitable for the job-but this episode gets her out of her comfort zone, and that's what's so funny about it. All those difficult times you'd have with little kids happens to Raven here; tantrums, imaginary friends, potty breaks, and of course protecting them from a nasty villain (Monsieur Mallah to be exact). Raven even tells them the story of her dark prophecy with Trigon...yeah, that's too scary a story to tell your little kids. But in the end, Raven finds her soft spot for the children, giving Raven a chance to love. Since I am currently training to work with children, I know I've learned a few things about children from this episode.

#2: Employee of the Month


It's meat-tastic!

Out of all the episodes of Teen Titans, I'd say this one if the funniest. Beast Boy technically already has a job of being a superhero, but it doesn't pay him the money he needs to buy a moped. All those comedic antics and expressions he goes through when job hunting really gives me laughs. And to make things even funnier, the Source is voiced by Rob Paulsen, making him threatening but also silly. I love his squeaky voice. And speaking of which, I also love that advertisment line which also has Rob Paulsen's voice: "It's Meat-tastic!" Sadly, Beast Boy's moped breaks down due to over-use, but hey! At least Beast Boy knows well enough not to always rely on his superpowers. This episode is definetly meat-tastic.

And the number one greatest episode of Teen Titans is....

#1: Titans Together

Titans Together c

Titans together!

This wasn't the final episode of the show, but it sure felt like it to me. After all the Titans have gone through in the 5th Season, the Brotherhood of Evil has captured and defeated the majority of the Titans...or so they thought. The few remainders have to work together to stop the Brotherhood and save their friends...led by none other than Beast Boy! Since Beast Boy is my favorite character of the show, it works perfectly (to me at least). All the Titans fight together against all the villains they fought in the non-story arc episodes....ok most of them except for some like Kitten or Dr. Light, but I think you get my point. It feels like an epic conclusion and a final battle. It's one of those "all characters come together" sort of thing...even a character who has turned over a new leaf. That's right-Jinx! Based on what you've seen in Lightspeed, she has finally decided to be a hero at the side of Kid Flash. What else can I say? It's a huge battle, it's got the majority of characters here, it's just great! Titans Together-the number one greatest episode of Teen Titans!

And that was the countdown of some of the best episodes of my favorite animated show of all time. I hope you liked this list. When there's trouble, you know who to call!