Hi there Teen Titans Wiki community, I am Rassilon of Old, a long time editor and administrator of the Teen Titans Fan Fiction Wiki. Recently, both the Teen Titans Wiki and the Teen Titans Fan Fiction Wiki have been fairly inactive, and in the light of the drastic situation, I have come up with a solution.

Merging both of the wikis together, to form a larger wiki will bring more users to the wiki, and increase traffic between the main and fanon portals. But this move can only be made if you help us. Right now on Teen Titans Fan Fiction Wiki, we are discussing this, and we need the input of as many users as possible.

You may have noticed that your admins are inactive, if the wikis are merged, new admins will be selected from our community, to help lead the wiki out of its' period of inactivity!

"How can we trust you?" I hear you ask, well this is why. I have been an administrator on the Teen Titans Fan Fiction Wiki for a few months, and I have edited there even longer. I am a rollback user on the highly popular Avatar Wiki, and I am the founder and bureaucrat of the Young Justice Wiki. Hopefully these references can help sway your decision.

The day will come, where this wiki too becomes inactive completely, but it is not this day. On this day, we will work together, to make both the Teen Titans Wiki and the Teen Titans Fan Fiction Wiki the best wiki on the Wikia Network! Any questions either here or on my talk page, Rassilon of Old

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