t's been a very long time. 10 years since Teen Titans ended and yet we are still here.

Now is the time for the fans to make themselves heard once again and show how much we still Love this series and want it to finally get a 6th Season. Signing on-line petitions is vastly ineffective, but sending out actual tangible letters to the network may create a bigger impact and make us harder to ignore.

Will it Work?

Believe it or not Initiatives like this have worked before. Very recently in fact with the series Young Justice coming back for a 3rd Season. While I am very Happy about that. We have been fighting for a much longer time to get our Show back.

What Should I Write? 

We have a model letter that you can simply copy/paste, print out (or hand-copy it), sign it and mail it to Cartoon Network. However, if you prefer to write one of your own, you are most welcome to do so. But please remember to be polite, calm, and courteous. Express your complaint in a respectful manner and don't use abusive language, regardless of how frustrated or angry you might feel.

Model Letter