aka Jenny

  • I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • I was born on July 18
  • My occupation is Spending time on wiki pages
  • I am Female
  • JessicaFin23

    Robin -  Robin is very cool, and he often takes things a bit seriously. Robin was once Batman's apprentice, so he got some of his sweet karate moves from him. He's generally seen as the leader of the Teen Titans, despite having no powers. He is a bit dark and mysterious, but he is friendly and have a sense of responsibility. He is serious, determined, and smart. Not a genius, but definitely smart.

    Cyborg - Cyborg is the only one of the Titans that... isn't actually a Teen, but he still acts like a kid. Of course, he is half-robot. Cyborg acts very immature most of the time, but when under a small bit of pressure he turns very serious and on top of things. He is handy and intelligent.

    Beast Boy - Beast Boy has the best powers of the group, but …

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