Ok, so I am still and all ways will be a fan of teen titans. But there is one character I would like to make friends with the teen titans and it is a new character. DC Comics has never came out with this character. His name is Dragon Rider. His nickname is Draco because in Greek mythology Dragon in there language was Draco. Draco was born on a planet named reptilian. A dragon cursed him. His curse stated that he would live to be 1000 years old but when he died he would only stay dead for 100 years. He would all ways sleep under the stars. But the one thing that planet Reptilian did not have was a moon instead it had a comet. When Draco was 10 he had gotten a skill that most Reptilians did not have was the power to space travel through a worm whole. Then when he was 16 his planet was about to be destroyed by the same comet that was orbiting his earth. It had gotten knocked out of orbit. Draco woke up to the plants giving off steam. He did not have enough skill to put the whole planet into his worm whole that he could make. But he could at least put himself through to another habitable planet. Which was earth. Now when he got back to earth he got some new features among him. He looked like a human but with scales. His blood could adapt to harsh weather. He was warm and cold blooded. Now what I also wanted him to have was characteristics like what raven had, but more in depth. He could bring all living beings back to life no matter what the race or what the damage that was inflicted. Raven could heal people with telekinesis, by absorbing the pain into her mind. Case in point the first season of teen titans where beast boy got hurt and raven took away the pain. Draco could bring the titans all back if the titans ever where to go extinct.

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