I would like to spread out that im creating a fan made continuation of the series known as teen titans. it begins five years after the freezing of all the bad guys on episode 64. 

Episode 1 Revival: 5 Years after the freezing of all enemies we gaze upon our now young adult heros in the calming enviroment of peaceful jump city, but behind the shadows lurks a familliar evil who shall soon put a plan into fruition.

Episode 2 Training Day: Robin urges the team to learn proper hand to hand combat, but when the going gets tough the tough get going.

Episode 3 Mumbo Magic: After breaking out of a maximum security prison, Mumbo traps the Titans in his magic world for a second time. but he soon realizes that a battle of Magic is Something he cant win

Episode 4 Once Alone: while having trouble controlling her inner darkness, raven hides her emotions but soon realizes that she never needs to go alone.

Episode 5 sleeping soul: Robin mkes a vow to cure the teen known while sleeping as plasmus. ( after developing a slight cure that allows him to be awake without changing for 4 hours a day ) deeply depressed the teen seeks to end his sadness once and for all.

Episode 6 Return: While on Patrol the titans run into the Hive Five, but after the battle they wonder how they escaped their frozen prison.

Episode 7 Return II: Robin goes to investigate the cells, but when their it seems as if every prisoner has escaped. after taking a look at the security tpe he becomes frightened for himself and the titans.

Episode 8 Return III: After returning to Titans tower, The heros rest for the night, but behind the scenes an evil appears right under their noses.

Episode 9 Return to Tower: Robinsfustrations lead him to interract with titans in each district, hoping to prevent an deadly force from arriving.

Episode 10 The Light Hearted: After robbing a bank Dr.Light is tailed by Starfire, But showing pity for an unsure criminal, Starfire follows the doctor seeking to learn why he is who he chooses to be.

Episode 11 Titans east: we follow the new team of titans in metro city, consisting of Kid Flash, Jinx, Superboy, Blue Beetle and Wondergirl.

Episode 12 Titans East II: After some sparring between the group The city recieves a Danger Alert.

Episode 13 Sticks and Stones: After being out on a group activity the Titans are attacked by a very powerful cenderblock.

Episode 14 Game Master: All Titans ( and a few Criminals ) are forced to participate in a battle of champions but behind the scenes an Evil Deception is at hand.

Episode 15 Game Master II: After a bone chilling Reunion with Slade, Robin is forced to Stop These Battles before it is Too Late.

this is but a sneak peak of my many ideas of furthering the series. now young adults the  tiatns will get the true ending in a way they deserve. 

this series will be in comic/manga drawing style and will transfer to at least youtube animation if i ever get the money for that kind of thing. my personal favorite part is that since slade is in the battle of champions we'll finally be able to see him in combat with brother blood which is specifically something i wanted to see and im sure others would want too.

This series Shall be called TiTans and once ive moved out of the caracter design phase i wll begin posting it reguraly to my deviant art page and youtube profile.

if you would like to give any advice or pointers or design critiques plz message me on facebook or twitter. this is not only for me but also for the mny fans to enjoy. i promise ill do my best to give you a show.

thank you for reading my post guys peace. ( if you have an inquiry about anything i only have three rules no trolling, no sending spam and no cursing directed as an insult towards me other than this everythimg is cool )

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