Hello, Teen Titans fans, this is Concernedalien11780! The way I became a Teen Titans fan was weird, but not necessarily bad. Due to the type of advertising that really gets to kids in the mid-2000s, I became not quite obsessed, but pretty close to it, with Kids' WB in 2004. I knew of all its shows that it was airing at that time, but wanted to pick one to value over all of the others. I layed all the shows out in an order I don't even remember, and I don't even know how I made the decision, but somehow, that was the show I chose. It wasn't even a Kids' WB original, but it was still considered by many to be both a Cartoon Network show and a Kids' WB show. And it's pretty good that it was the one I chose, because it probably was the best show on Kids' WB and one of the best shows on Cartoon Network at the time. Pretty much everyone in my family loved it as much as me, if only because I loved it so much when I was eight. It was one of the few things I was obsessed with for a period of time as a child that I'm not ashamed of myself for liking as a kid, unlike many of the other things I liked such as Sonic X a year later, Aquapod water bottles and their associated "Aquapod Squad" on their website, Lunchables and their associated "Lunchables Brigade", and probably most disturbing of all, claiming to hate Strawberry Shortcake while also calling her my girlfriend, which I learned ten years later is a form of being an emotionally abusive boyfriend. There are people, most of them bigger fans of comics than animation, that dislike the show because of the anime-esque style, but fortunately, most of those people have realized that it's OK for a show based off of an American work to not look entirely American. In the fall of 2005, however, I began to alternate between watching Kids' WB and 4kids TV, causing me to not care about Teen Titans as much as before.

It wasn't for another few years that I was able to start appreciating the show and its strong writing again. This was also around the time The New Teen Titans shorts started airing in the short-lived DC Nation block on Cartoon Network. These shorts were the most highly-praised DC Nation Shorts, and they got fans of the old series asking for a revival of the old show by turning the shorts into a full-length series. But as the saying goes, "Be careful what you wish for, because it just might come true." And so it did, in the form of Teen Titans Go, which, thanks to a new head of content at the network, became the only show on DC Nation before the block's removal. I tried tolerating the show for a while simply because of the return of the old voice cast, the more frequent use of humorous DC Comics references, and the fact that I actually found making Raven a sort-of-Pegasister was actually pretty funny. Then I started hearing about how most of the production crew of TTG had never even seen any of the old show, found the advertising of the show as "your new favorite show" and the assumption of the network that if you like one of their shows, you like all of them, to be extremely grating, and the feeling that Cartoon Network is leading kids to think that TTG is all Teen Titans ever was, all it is, and all it ever will be, but the last straw was the TTG episode "Salty Codgers". In that episode, the Titans try to stop Dr. Light from turning various people into old people, which all but Raven exaggerate as a much worse crime than it is in comparison to many other crimes, while Raven does the exact opposite and gushes over the nearby old people as if they were cute babies. In order to teach the other Titans a lesson about not being ageist and because she just wants to have cute old people in the Tower, Raven lets the other Titans get turned into old people, and aside from some really dumb "jokes" about the Titans being unable to hear anything, everything goes great for Raven with turning her friends old simply to satisfy a cuteness addiction... until Beast Boy "passes"- meaning dies of old age. Within the next hour, Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg are all dead as well, and Raven goes to the underworld in an attempt to bring them back. I don't remeber what happens afterwards, and I don't need to, all I know is that I couldn't keep watching this. The only adults I know of that like TTG are the family Let's Player KWing and his wife KWife, who both seem to suffer from a much worse case of arrested development than the average Internet psuedo-celebrity couple, or at least have a very liberal definition of the term "quality". Somehow, it works for kids, if the videos of kids embarrasing themselves in the name of the shows they claim to like that are always airing on Cartoon Network nowadays are to be believed and aren't just actors hired by Turner Broadcasting to promote the brand, which is why it's still allowed to air. I try not to talk like this too much because I feel like a hypocrite when I do because of the whole "shows-don't-change-but-people-do" thought process, but this is the Internet, so you need to be pretty young and naive to not feel the need to do that.

In the end, I just like to pretend the fan theory that Teen Titans Go is just an extended dream of Beast Boy's and that the original series lasted for one more season to give it a bigger finale. Thank you for reading this, message me if you want to talk, and remember who to call when there's trouble- not the Ghostbusters.

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