• Coco 17

    Kole body

    November 14, 2014 by Coco 17

    I think kole is the youngers teen in teen titans. Because her body are so small than her head. And way shorter than beast boy. Well shes not a child. She still have teenage looks. Like thinner waist. Has breast. But Her breast seem havent finish develop. You can see her breast are small than starfire and any girls except jinx. Jinx is another story.  so yeah kole prove that shes younger. but for some reason. her breast look more saggy and pointy compare to another girls. You can see the picture on below. It makes me wonder if she even wearing anything for her breast in the middle jungle. Or maybe her breast are still develop and must to look that way for time being?  i dont know why the art director draw like that. but maybe i should ignor…

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