Now, you may wonder why my blog name is BlossomBubblesButtercup. But, Fellow Earthlings! Do not fear! Because Starfire is here! I am a Tarmaneum. (How do you spell it? I have been so far away for soooooooo long!) But Silkie is my pet. He once ate berries when he was not supposed to! But it was Robin's fault. He-- Oh! Have you heard about Robin? Well, if not... Robin is my loveboy and I am his lovegirl. We even kissed when we were in Tokoyo! So sweet! It WAS my idea. Now onto Beast Boy. He is very funny, yes, indeed. Once I did not say "It is." I said-- I puncuated it. Oh-No. Raven is coming or that could be Robin. We will chat until he/she comes down. Raven is not very joyful like me. She is more gothic. Goodbye! That is Robin

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