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    Master Of Your Fate

    September 13, 2015 by Bartek311d

    "Master of Your Fate" - Written by Andy Sturmher, Performed by Mumbo (Tom Kenny)

    Five, six, seven, eight!
    Don't bother getting up, you're in my control
    No way for you to fuss and fight
    I've taken all your powers - so, lucky you
    You will be in my show tonight
    You think you can defeat me - oh, how very droll!
    Well, Titans, one thing you should know:
    I am the one with magic powers around here,
    I am the one who runs the show!!!
    I am the master of ceremonies,
    So let me set you straight:
    With just a wave of my magic wand, I'm...
    Master of your fate!
    With just some hocus-pocus and sleight of hand,
    You all are under my command!
    Put them in their cages,
    Keep them all apart!
    Places, everybody - the show's about to start!
    (Chorus - sung by the Gloves)
    He is the m…
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