You guys know that Teen Titans is cancelled? And u do know that there wasn't that much info about why they cancelled it. (Before I continue, I just want to say I will use some texting grammar like "u" instead of "you", this blog shouldn't be formal) All they said about the cancellation is that they had no plans for season 2 and that Cartoon Network made the decision to cancel it. Well here's the reason why and just to let u know, it's really dark. Really, really dark. And I'm going insandek da!

Anyway, u guys know the creator of Teen Titans, Glen Murakami. Do u guys know any shows he is currently working on? I don't know any that he is currently working on. That explains why I saw him dressed like a homeless guy and acted insane. When I was leaving this new frozen yoguart store at our town, yo2go (that's how it's really spelled!), I walked pass a dirty ally and I heard a man scream, "AAAAH! Back Letters Three! AAH! Udyha lv qrw zkdw vkh vhhpv! AAHH!" I turned to see a dirty Japenese man with a beard and he was wearing ripped clothes with holes and rips. He was bare-footed and he had gray, thinning hair. He looked familar. I've seen an image on the internet that was Glen Murakami as a homeless man and that he went insane after Teen Titans ended. I went up to him to ask him what was wrong. He then said, "I-I! HA, HA, HA! Qkedgvblouricvkjazhyyusck! GEE! I'm OKAY!" "R u Glen Murakami, the creator of Teen Titans?" "YE-YES! AAAAAH! Please don't mention Teen Titans! It's the reason I'm what I fuck-fucking am-am HEDDDSS! Lucifer helped me make an episode of Teen Titans. After we made it, I viewed it and not I'm all Cock-licking-doo-doo mad! WIth the mad-madness, It was hard to work on the movie! The CEO managed to watch the lost episode! He also went mad but, he killed himself and his last words were, 'I belong to SA-SA-SATAN!' GAAAH! HE then got-got the show cancelled before he died! OH! OH! HA, HA, HA! WAAAAH! WAAH!" He then got up and ran away. I then saw a flashdrive fall from his pants. I then picked it up. I saw some writing on it and it said, "NEVER WATCH! IT'S HELL!" Right now, I'm too scared. I fell crazy. Tomorrow, I'll continue to talk to you guys about my damning experince. I'll see if my saneness comes back.


Hey guys, I'm updating my post. I still feel ins akdkfd!~!!!! Well, after I went back home, I put the flashdrive on my computer. On the flashdrive, there was a file called, "RAVEN_CULT.avi." I clicked on it and the video came up. "This must be the first episode of Season 6," I thought.

Anyway, the video seemed really strange once it started. It showed Raven from Teen Titans staring at the screen. The background was Raven's mind. U remeber the episode where Beast Boy and Cyborg enter Raven's mind and it was like space with floating rocks and demonic things living there? Well, that was the background. The screen slowly zoomed in on her face for like a minute or so. I wasn't paying attention to the time of the video. Anyway, once Raven's face was covering the entire screen, she then smiled and then you hear a whisper but it wasn't coming from her and the voice sounds like a demon talking, "6.6.6." Then came the normal Teen Titans intro started, but something was off. The colors looked pale and each Titans' face looked scared except for Raven's. She was smiling evilly. And the music was playing but the lyrics weren't being sang. And u know at the end of the intro where the singer shouts out, "TEEN TITANS!" Well instead, it was, "TEEN TIT- AAAAAAH!" Then the screen got all fussy.

After the intro, Robin, BB, Cyborg, and Starfire were at the couch in their living room. Robin and Cyborg had a sad face. BB had a sad face too but tears were coming out of his eyes. Starfire, she was crying and screaming and said, "*cries* Why, Silkie, WHY?! PLEASE, COME BACK! WHY DID THE SILKIE DIE?! *cries* WHY?! *cries*." On their coffee table, there was Silkie. His was laying on his back with his tounge hanging. One of his eyes were missing and he had bruises all over him. And, there was a long. bloody cut on his stomach. Then, Raven appeared behind the couch out of thin air. Her eyes were closed. She stood there for about like a perfect 3 seconds. Then Robin turned around to see her standing here. He then says, "Raven? When did u get here? Silkie's dead. Do you know anything about how he died?" Raven then opnes her eyes. Her right eye was red and her left eye was black. Then two more eyes above her regular eyes opened. On the left side, the extra eye was red. On the right side, the other extra eye was black. She then smiled and laughed evilly. The Titans then got a confused face. She laugh got louder and louder and more insane. She then stopped and started at the screen. She then said, "All hail my father! NATAS! REFICUL! LIVED! She then made a smile that revealed her teeth. Each tooth looked like a sharp vampire fang. She started to float up into the air. Then I noticed the bottom of her cloak. There were holes and rips at the bottom of her cloak. I noticed the Titans weren't doing any reaction. Why were just frozen. Still faces and bodies frozen in the position they were in. Then Raven screamed, "I KILLED SILKIE!"

Then, the Titans were unfrozen and looked up at Raven. Starfire then screamed and shouted at Raven, "AAAAH! Why Raven! FUCK YOU! YOU SHIT-EATER! WHY HOW ABOUT YOU-," Then, Starfire said something odd, it sounded like a different woman calling 911. The call said, coming from Starfire, said, "911, I have an emergency! My son was brutally murdered. A man with devil horns and a devil tail, red skin, no clothes, sharp claws, and hooves for feet stabbed my son with a red pitch fork and squashed his head with his hooves and disapperaed! ZALGO! HE! COMES! BL-ajkdgklajkdjfkjadkfj!" That was really weird. 1, Starfire was sad and questioning Raven and then all of a sudden, she started getting mad and cussing. 2, she cussed since it was a kids show. And 3, after she said "You", it turned in to a recording of a woman calling 911. Then I tried to remeber what Glen said earlier. He stated some man Lucifer made him make this video. Is this the video that made Glen and the last CEO of Cartoon Network go crazy? And who is Lucifer? Was Glen referring to the Devil? The Devil, before he was banished by God, original name was Lucifer.

Anyway, Raven then got a sword out. It looked like a medievel sword. BB, Starfire, and Cyborg got terrified faces. But Robin, he had a serious, angry look on his face, like he was facing a villian. He then said, "Okay Raven, I don't know what has gotten in you but you need to stop! If Trigon is behind this, we'll help you. If you fight back, I will kill you." That was weird, he said he will kill her. Robin isn't like that and also, Teen Titans isn't allowed to say kill and stuff like that. They were allowed to say "Destory" and stuff like theat. Anyway, why would Robin kill her if she fights back. He usually fights them and when it comes to his teammates, he gives them chances. Then, Raven put her pointing finger on Robin's forehead and she said, "Do you remeber your parents, bitch?" Robin's face then turned into a frown and he then started screaming. He was clawing his faces, leaving bloody scars. He then started ripping his hair of his head. He continued screaming. Robin then jumped over the table and ran towards the window. Robin then jumped at the window, broke the glass and started falling towards the ground. He then hit the hard, rocky ground and blood splattered every where. His bones and guts were shown. Robin then looked at the screen and said, "I'm going to hell, just like my parents and my brother." He then died.

I was shocked. Why was this video made? What is going on? Is this why the show was cancelled? I felt weird. I then began to bite my fingers. I then pulled them away. I continued watching the video. The Titans, except Raven, had scared looks on their faces. Starfire started crying. Then BB, then Cyborg. Starfire then turned towards Raven and shouted, "What are you?! What did you do to the real Raven?! Why did you do that to Robin?! You Mother Fucker!" Raven then pointed the sword at Starfire. Raven then said, "I'm not Raven, I killed her. I'm the daughter of Sa-," then all of a sudden, the video got all fussy and you can hear a scream so realistic that he speakers were holes and the sound was coming from the other side.

The video then got back to the scene but, Raven's face was covering the screen and she was staring right at me. I jumped and screamed alittle bit. The face wasn't hyperrealistic or anything, It was still the same animation but it felt like there was no screen on my computer. It felt like the screen was a hole in a wall and I could put my hand on her face and feel her skin. I moved my head and I saw her move her eyes towards me. I froze in fear. I moved my head again and her eyes were following me. Where ever I move hear eyes followed me. She then moved away from the screen and turned to Starfire's corpse on the couch. I was shocked, the sword was through her fore head. Beast Boy and Cyborg were hiding behind the couch. Raven then looked at Cyborg and BB. They screamed and ran towards the exit.

Raven then appeared infront of them and said in a deep demonic voice, "Pussies. You don't want to go to hell? It's a whole lot of fun. Ha, ha, ha!" BB and Cyborg then screamed and the scream was realistic like the scream during the static fussy part of the video. They then turned around and ran away. Raven then said, "Get the fuck back here now you basturds!" She then started walking towards the screen when she was really close, the screen got staticy and fussy. I was getting really scared.

Then, the static stopped and the video showed some Middle Eastern woman crying in fear and some Terrorist pushed her to the ground. Another terrorist was watching. The person video taping this then put his hand infront of the camera and gave the woman the middle finger. He then put his hand down. Just warning, this is gonna get fucked up. The terrorist that pushed her down pulled down here pants and her vagina was showing. He then got out a knife and shoved it up her vagina. I put my hands on my mouth as I watched in horror. The woman was screaming, he was rapeing her with a knife! The other terrorist then pointed his gun at the woman's head and shot her. Right when the bullet hit her head, the screen got all staticy and fuzzy again.

Then the static stopped and the video showed robotic parts on the floor. The camera then moved towards Cyborg's headed. Oil, blood, and electricity came out of his neck since his head was ripped from his body. Cyborg then said, in a robot voice, "Powering down! Goin to hell!" Then came a loud bleeping sound that lasted for about maybe 10 seconds. The sound hurted my ears a bit. But the weird thing is that the robotic pieces looked realistic. How is that even possible.

Then camera then turned to Raven who had a shot gun. She then said, in a deep, demonic voice, "Where are you, you fucking animal." She was probably referring to Beast Boy. A real life lion (it was so realistc, way more then CGI) that was green caming running toward Raven. The Lion then jumped towards Raven and roared. And the roar was so realistic, it hurt my ears and it sounded real like the screams that were heard early. Raven then shot her gun at the lion. Since its mouth was opened, the bullet went through its mouth and its head exploded. Hyperrealstic brainmatter, blood, bone, fur, and mucus splattered everywhere. Raven then laughed evilly and said, "Ha, ha, ha! All animals go to hell, Beast Boy."

I was shocked that she shot Beast Boy as a lion. Lions r my favoriate animals! Raven then turned her head towards the doorway and saw Speedy, Bumblebee, and the twins that are really fast and speak spanish (I forget their names). Their faces were in shock. The twins then said, "Adios," and left in a blink of an eye. Bumblebee then screamed. Speedy then turned around and ran. Raven then got out bug spray and walked towards Bumblebee. Bumblebee then said, "Like bug spray is gonna kill me." Raven then said, "Fuck off, bug!" She then sprayed it in Bee's eyes. Bumblebee then screamed and said, "Oh! That fricking hurts." She then turned to the screen. She then screamed real loudly as her flesh started melting off of her skeleton. During that sickening moment, I saw images flashing but they flashed so fast that it was hard to see. I paused when one came up and I was shock to see what I have seen. It was an image of a little boy lay on a floor and he had wound on his chest with blood coming out of it. And the boy's head was smashed! It must be the boy mentioned in the phone call.

Anyway, after the flesh melted off of Bumblebee's skeleton, her skeleton was visiable. Her skeleton was hyperrealistic! A message then came up and said, "To Be Continued... Can't wait for you to go to hell!"

The video ended. I felt scared and sick to my stomach. It really offended my religon since I'm a christian. There is a second video on the flashdrive and I did watch it, and I regret it. I gotta get going. I'll talk tomorrow.


Sorry it took me a while guys. I wasn't able to have the access to a computer to type my experience. Anyway, I did watch the second video and it was messed up like the last one. The video was called, "RAVEN_CULT2.avi." When the video started, it showed the Demonic Raven smiling at me. She was standing in a place that looked like hell. You can hear screams and cries in the background. The screams and cries sounded realistic like people were screaming and crying in the room I was in. The screen was zooming in on her. Once her face was covering the entire screen, she closed her eyes and her smile turned into an angry frown. Then, the screen got all fussy and staticy After that, the Teen Titans theme song started playing with the lyrics. The video showed Squidward Tentacles from SpongeBob SquarePants standing by his bed and holding a rifle. Squidward then put the gun up his mouth and shot it and his exploded. Hyper realistic blood and brain matter splattered everywhere. The force pushed Squidward's body to the ground. Then, the video showed the old black and white Mickey Mouse walking down a corrupted street with screams being heard in the background. Mickey Mouse was walking in a weird way and his face was melting. The video then showed an apple with arms, a mouth, eyes, and a rusty stick coming out of him from the bottom. The apple brought a kid to the back of a van and went in there with the kid. Then, a child's scream was heard and blood splattered on the Van's window. Then the video showed SpongeBob from SpongeBob SquarePants being ripped open. A naked creature was coming out of him. Then the video showed Raven staring at me with a message above her that said, "Hell is behind it all." After the weird intro ended, the video showed Speedy and the twins standing on top of the tower with scared faces. Then the Demonic Raven appeared out of thin air behind the Twins and grabbed their heads and separated them. They were struggling to get free but Raven then threw one of the twins out into the ocean. The twin was trying to swim but he was drowning. He was crying in fear. Then, he sunk into the ocean and probably died. Raven then threw the other twin of the tower. He was falling and screaming in fear and then, he finally touched the ground and splattered. Hyperrealistic blood was every where and his Hyperrealistic guts and bones were shown. Speedy then ran towards Raven and was about to give her a punch. But she grabbed his fist and said in a deep demonic voice, "You aren't suppose to hit girls sinner!" She then ripped off his arm as he gave a scream. She then snapped her fingers and Speedy bursted into flames. He was screaming in pain and was running around shouting, "AAAAHH! Help!" He then fell to the ground and the flames disappeared. His body was hyperrealistic burnt and bloody. Raven laughed evilly and said, "That's funny." Raven then heard a gasp and turned around. She saw the 3 kids and the bear, Bobbie, that she took care of in that one episode. The girl then said, "Raven, what has gotten in you?" Raven then said in a deep demonic voice, "I'm not Raven. I killed her! I'm the daughter of Sa-Sa-Sat-," then the video made a long loud beep and the video got all messed up pixelated like a scratched up video or a buffering video. Then that stopped and went back to normal. Raven was then running towards the girl and the girl screamed. Raven then grabbed the girl by the ankles and started whacking her real hard on the concrete. I heard a loud bone crack on the first hit. The girl's face got bloodier and bloodier. After a while, Raven threw her off the building. Raven then turned to the boys and Bobbie. The kids were crying and Bobbie was growling at Raven in an angry way. Raven then went towards Bobbie's belly and ripped it open. Fur came out, and also hyperrealistic organs. Bobbie then fell to the ground. Timmy then screamed really loud. The scream was so loud, it hurt my ears. Also, the scream sounded so realistic that it sounded like it didn't come from the speakers and the sound was coming from the room I was in. Then Timmy's head started vibrating and his head exploded and hyperrealistic blood and brain matter splattered everywhere. The baby was crying in fear. Raven then picked up the baby. Then she looked right at me. Then I noticed that the baby turned from a cartoon to a real baby! She then looked at the edge of the tower, and she then looked back at me. I was starting to get worried. I had a feeling she was gonna do something bad to the baby. I was shaking my head no and then Raven reacted to me. I was shocked! She shock her head yes. It was like that time when her eyes were following me. I shook my head no and the. She shook her head yes. We kept doing the same thing for a little while then we stopped. Raven then looked at the edge and started running towards it. I was saying no to myself as I was about to watch something horrific! Once she reached the edge, she threw the baby off the tower. The baby was screaming and crying in fear as he was falling. He was about to land on the ground and I felt nervous for what I might see. In my opinion, I think this is gonna be the most scariest death in these 2 videos because it was a baby. Once the baby's head touched the very tip of the ground, the screen got all staticy and fussy instead of showing the graphic death of the baby. Then the video showed 3 real kids in the back of a car. 2 were boys and 1 was a girl. They were at about the age of 6 and they had terrified faces. The screen was shacking like the camera was like a normal portable camcorder being held. Then I heard a deep demonic voice say, "Do you kids want to guess star in an episode of Teen Titans and SpongeBob SquarePants? Well, time to start acting!" The screen got all staticy and fussy, again. Then the video showed one of the boys getting stabbed in the stomach by a knife held by a white skinny hand coming out of a black sleeve of a suit. Then the video showed the same thing but it was the girl. The video showed the same thing again but it was the other boy. Then the video got all staticy and fussy again. Then an image flashed for about a good 4 seconds. In the image, one of the boys naked down to his underwear was laying on a road with his eye popped out and his guts coming out. A light from the flash of the camera showed a shadow of the man taking the picture. Another image flashed and it was the same thing, but it was the girl and the image lasted for 4 seconds. Then the video showed the other boy but, the boy was slowly closing his eyes and his guts were being pulled out by a large hand. That lasted for about 4 seconds. Then the screen got all staticy and fussy. Then the video showed Raven standing at the beach of the island. The camera was shacking like it was being video taped by a camcorder and that seemed weird because it was in a cartoon. Then, the camera was shaking as it got closer to Raven. Raven then turned around and revealed Aqualad's dead corpse floating on the water like a dead fish which is ironic. Her head was twitching weirdly like Bonnie and Chica do in the first Five Nights at Freddy's game. Then the screen turned to black and you can hear some one moaning. All of a sudden, a real life version of the Demonic Raven's head appeared out of nowhere. I jumped and screamed a bit. The background looked like hell and blood was coming out of her black eyes and a black substance was coming out of her red eyes. She was smiling and revealing her teeth. Each tooth looked like a sharp vampire fang. Also, the image felt so real. It felt like my computer screen was a hole in a wall and I could touch her skin or her blood. Then I noticed a message at the bottom that said, "Are you ready to go to hell, Dakota? Your God and his son won't save you!" I was shocked! How did it know my name? Why would it want me to go to hell? And why would it say God and Jesus won't save me? I'm a Christian and I accepted my Jesus as my lord and savior! What the hell is going on? Why were these evil videos created? The video ended. My brother went up to me and asked me, "Why were you watching static with the Slenderman Proxy symbol on it and reacting to it like you were watching a horror movie?" "I wasn't watching static," I said, "I was watching a horrible video!" "No you weren't." "Yes I was!" I then looked at the flash drive files and saw a file was added called, "RAVEN.exe." When was the .exe file added? I wasn't there when I first checked the flash drive. I decided I wasn't gonna play the .exe file. I had enough messing with satanic files so, I got up and was about to leave the room. But then, I felt like something pushed me down and I fell on the chair. I felt like what ever pushed me wanted me to play the .exe file. So, I clicked on the file. I regretted it. It was just awful as the videos I just saw. But before I clicked it, I started having a tic. Then I started biting my fingers. I then pulled my fingers away. I was weirded out. I then started laughing like a perverted man. Then, I yelled. I covered my mouth to keep my self quiet. I started to feel insane. I kept feeling insane this past few days. I'll talk about my experience about the .exe file later. I gotta go.


Guys, it been a crazy kasdfa fuckinhg few weekksa!!! I am praying to God to forgive me, have mercy, and I accepted his son as my savior. I've already done this before but I'm doing this I think I'm going to die soon. But before I continue, I just wanna say that the paragraph in the last update wasn't divided into seprate paragraphs and it was in a different text is because since I didn't have access to a computer so I wrote it on Google Notes on a phone and the next time I got to a computer, I copied and paste it on this blog.

Anyway, I clicked on the file and a screen of the file came up like other video games that run on .exe files. The screen was black as you hear a woman screaming in fear and pain like she was being raped. The screen got all staticy as you hear a baby crying. The crying sounded like the baby was in pain and/or fear. Then you hear a crunch and the crying got louder with more pain as the crunching continued. The crying stoped.

The static stopped and revealed the home screen for this video games. The home screen had the title at the top which said, "666 the Video Game." The background showed Earth with fire covering our planet. Missels and creatures that looked like demons were coming from some areas of Earth and landed at other areas like some sorta of Nuclear War with demons. There was a button at the middle of the screen that said, "Play." I clicked on it; another regret. The screen turned black and flashed red a few times. Then, the game showed Sonic the Hedgehog standed in a pixelated place that looked like hell. There were dead bodies of Tails, Knuckles, Eggman, Amy, and a bunny (I believe her name is Cream) laying on the hellish floor. There was a fox or maybe a Squirrel (I believe her name is Sally Acorn, I like Sonic but not a huge fan) on her hands and knees and her eyes were closed. Sonic then got out a sword and stabbed it in Sally's head. Pixelated blood splattered on the ground and she fell to the ground and whispered, "Sonic, my love." Sonic then closed his eyes and opened them again, revealing black eyes with red pupils and blood coming out of the eyes.

Sonic then turned his head towards the screen and it looked like he was staring right at me. I was weirded out. I never played a Sonic game like this. But, I did hear about a story on the interenet about a bootleg Sonic game known as "Sonic.exe." Then, someone made a fan-made version of it and some YouTubers played it and I did too. Kind of freak. Anyway, Sonic turned his head back to Sally's corpse. Then, a pixelated version of the Demonic Raven appeared right next to Sonic. Raven then said, in a demonic voice, "Let us make some Fallen Angels!" "Okay," said Sonic in a demonic voice. The screen then got black and demonic versions of people's screams were heard. Then, the game showed a clip of 9/11. A plane was flying towards one of the Twin Towers and once it hit it, the top of the tower exploded. A demonic voice was heard and it said, "That was my favoriate day. Ha, Ha, Ha!"

The video game then showed Demonic Raven holding a sword in maroon, dark, brick hallway like some hallway in a demonic, dark castle. Torches were on the walls and bones replaced the sticks of the torches. I saw the arrow buttons at the bottom the screen. There was info next to each button that told you what it did. I pressed them to make her move. So, I made her run down the hallway but then, a pixelated angel was flying towards and then the angel stopped and looked at me in fear. I was weirded out that it was breaking 4th wall. Another button at the bottom showed the "X" button. Some info next to it said if I pressed the button, Raven will use her sword to attack. If she was infront of an angel and I press the button, it will kill the Angel and turn it into a fallen angel. I was worried, I don't want to kill an Angel, in a Video Game or in real life. I know this is a game but it offends my religon.

I then felt this pain in my chest and Raven turned to the screen and looked at me and a message came up that said, "DO IT, DAKOTA!" I was freaked out again as it said my name, again! I then made Raven go towards the angel and kill it. Right when the sword stabbed the angel, blood splattered and then, Screen started flashing red and black. Then, it showed an image that had some young, blonde woman dressed like Angel and her face was covering the screen and her eyes were bulged out and hanging. The image lasted long enough for me to see it. During the image, realistic and really loud screams were heard. Then it flashed another image that lasted long enough for me to see it. Moans were heard during the image. The image showed the full body of the angel. Her barefeet were dirty and her white dress were bloody, dirty, and ripped. Her long, blonde hair was stained with blood and the eyes that were hanging from her eye sockets were missing. And a sword was stabbed in her chest. Her body was laying on a concrete floor of a room that looked like a garage.

The video game then showed the pixelated corpse of the body laying in the hallway floor. The demonic Raven was smiling evilly. I then made her continued down the hallway and killed more frighten angels. Man I felt guilty. Each time I killed an angel, it did the flashes of the colors and flashes of the horrific images and the noises and Raven looking at the dead bodies of the angels. I tried looking away each time I killed one. And each time I tried avoiding playing this evil game, Raven will break the 4th wall and I will feel the pain in my chest. After a few minutes, Raven reached the end of the hallway and meet that Demonic Sonic. There were also other figures. One was an apple on a stick and it held a knife, one was Squidward Tentacles with blood coming out of his eyes, one was a sad black-and-white verison of Mickey Mouse, another was Slenderman, and another was a tall black demon with horns and 2 red eyes. He had 3 mouths on his face and 3 more on his chest. He was as tall as Slenderman. Raven then smiled at the sight of them. Then, a group of creatues that looked like demons came up behind her.

Then, a pixelated version of a creature that looked like the devil appeared in front of Raven. He then patted her on the head. The screen then got all fussy and staticy. Then showed Raven standing in pixelated version of hell and Slenderman and the Black Demon were right next to her on each side of her. Slendy was at Raven's right and the Black Demon was at Raven's left. She then said in a demonic voice, "Meet Satan's 2 favoirate demons, Slenderman and Zalgo. They help Satan steal souls from Earth. Slender mainly targets the childern's souls. Then, Squidward, Mickey Mouse, the Apple, and the Demonic Sonic appeared behind them. The Demonic Raven then said, "Those guys behind us are other Demons. The Suicidal Squidward Tentacles from Spongebob is a demon that encourges the sucidial thoughts of people. He, Slender, and Zalgo created a funny Lost Episode of SpongeBob SquarePants involving us showing images of the 3 dead childern and Squidward commiting a graphic suicide. Happy Appy is another Demon that haunts bad childern that are injured. In 1999, we made an awesome show for Nick Jr. but those Nickeloaden idiots found out about our secret and saw the really awesome tapes of the episodes. The one where we predicte 9/11 in Happy Appy was awesome. Ha, ha, ha! The sad Micky Mouse is also another demon. He is the father of guilt emotion. Many years ago when Mickey Mouse first came out, we forced Walt Disney to make one known as Suicide Mouse. Oh, many years later, someone found it and shot himself after viewing. Oh it was funny! And the Demonic Sonic, he is also another demon that hacked a video game that was a portal to hell! Oh, a brilliant idea he had there!" Then, Squidward, Demonic Sonic, Mickey Mouse, and Happy Appy slowly transformed into demons in a pixaled form. You can see the horns grow, their colors turn red and black, and other demon features forming. Once they become demons, Raven, Slendy, Zalgo, and the other Demons started laughing evilly as really loud and realistic screams were heard.

The screen turned black for a minute it felt like. Then, the cartoon Demonic Raven jumpscared me. I screamed and jumped alittle. The scream was really loud that it was hurting my ears. During the jumpscare, her mouth was fully opened and her mouth was pitch black. The mouth came closer to me as she continued to scream. Once the entire screen was black, the screen got all messed up like a video buffering or a dvd was scratched up. A loud beeping noise was heard and then, the game closed.

I turned to see my brother looking at me weirdly and then he said, "Why were you looking at the same staticy screen with the Slenderman Proxy symbol and you are reacting to it like a video game or a video?" "Again, seriously?! Why are you doing that to me you idiot! I was playing a horrific game and before that, I watched 2 horrific videos. Are you sure you didn't hear anything or see anything nosy ass-hole?!" I stated. "Wow, why are you getting upset easlily. I'm telling you what I saw. Not messing with you." Is started thinking to myself about it. Maybe he did watch me reacting to static with the Slenderman Proxy symbol. Maybe this thing has some sort of black magic. Stanic black magic. And I thought to myself, wh did I get mad at my brother right away? It usually take a few tries for my brother to tease me about something and then I get mad.

I then saw another file was added to the flash drive. Just like the .exe file, it wasn't there earlier and now it just appeared out of nowhere. It was a .gif file with the name, "cult.gif." I pulled my hand away from the mouse so I won't click the file and experience horror. Right when I pulled my hand away, something was forcing my hand to the mouse. I tried to fight back as whatever was grabbing my hand. Then, I gave up and got my hand on the mouse. I then clicked on the file.

The gif then came up and it showed the original raven in her room. There was an upside down pentagram in a circle. At the bottom of the circle, there was a cross like the female symbol. There were candles surronding the circle and there was a skull in the middle of the pentagram. Raven was reading a book. Then, a beautiful real life girl (not a cartoon) with black hair, barefooted, black clothes, black toenails, devil horns, and long, black, sharp finger nails appeared behind raven. The girl had 4 eyes and it was like the demonic Raven's. Black eyes and red eyes and blood and a black substance coming out of the eyes. She then smilied and revealed her teeth and each tooth was like a vampire fang. She then put her hand on Raven's shoulder and Raven's face froze.

The gif then turned black. Then, the next few images were disturbing. They were there long enough for me to see them but they were quick. The images showed a real life version of Raven but in the first images showed her removed, bloody head with eyes poped out and hair partly burnt. The next was her arm torn off the body and they were bloody and had cuts and some cuts were big enough to let you see the bone. The next image was her torso with her legs and arms removed. On her right side, a few ribs were poking out and some parts of her clothes were ripped. Also, there was a wooden steak up her vagina and bloody claw marks on her neck. The next image showed her torn off legs on her ripped and bloody cloak. The legs were just like the arms. One of the legs' foot were bare and bloody and the other legs' foot still had a shoe on but it was bloody.

The flashing of those images repeated until it showed a real life version of Demonic Raven in a black background and the colors are black-and-white. The Demonic Raven's 4 eyes ripped open as human eyes poped out. Finally, it repeated the beginning of the gif like all the other gifs. I then closed out of the gif. I was so grossed and freaked out by that horrid gif. I then noticed ANOTHER file was added and I didn't noticed the file earlier. It was a .obj file tiled, "curse.obj." "Damn, this flashdrive must be supernatural and possed by a demon," I thought. I decided to have a break so I got up and turned to the door.

Also guys, I just want to say that before I started the gif, my brother left the room and the possetion I am in the room, I can if the door is completely open and someone is open to open it. I then saw and heard the door shut completely. Frighten, I ran towards it and try to open it but it was locked. I knew whatever is haunting me, I wouldn't click on anyother damning file from that flashdrive. I ran towards the nearest window and tried to open it but the window was burning my hands. I ran to another window but it did the samething. I was now trapped. I had no choice but to click on that file.

I went to the computer, grabbed the mouse, and clicked on the .obj file. Then something odd happened. The notepad program came up. Usually, .txt files bring up the notepad program. Maybe there was a code that commanded it to open. Anyway, on the notepad it said, "LOOK_BEHIND_YOU!" Immideatly after i read "YOU", I heard a moaning right behind me. I didn't want to look behind me. My head was shivering in fear. The moaning continued and during the moaning, I heard a demonic whisper saying, "Look behind you." I quickly turned my head around and saw a real life version of Demonic Raven and then she jumpscared me. Right after that, she slowly fadded light the Phantom Animatronics do in Five Nights at Freddy's 3. I was so scared.

I then heard the door open but it was doing it slowly. I turned to the door to see the Demonic Raven looking right at me with an evil smile. She then slowly faded away. I was freaked out. For this pass few weeks, I've been seeing her, hiding and staring at me. I remeber one time she was in a school bus that passes by and she was in one of the seats and she was looking at me. This one time, I was looking at the clouds and one cloud formed into Demonic Raven staring at me. This other time, I decided to watch the world's most viewed and funny video of all time, Gangnam Style, to ease my mind. But, the entire video was 6 seconds long and it had Demonic Raven in Hell just staring at me. This one time, I was walking down the street and I saw graffiti and one of the drawins is Demonic Raven watching me. And just like the Mona Lisa, her eyes were following me.

I haven't just been seeing her everywhere, I've seen her in my dreams. It usually starts off as a good dream and then it turns into a hell version of the dream I was having. And then, before I woke up, Demonic Raven walks up to me and says, "Come to Hell, the Devil really wants your precious soul!" I then wake up in fear. Also, aside from the halluciations and dreams, I felt and acted insane!

After I clicked the .obj file and had the Raven jumpscare experience, I was acting weird. From time to time when I'm sitting down, I hug my self and tilt back and forth slowly and slightly. Sometimes I bit my fingers, sometimes I don't wipe my butt after pooping, sometime I don't wash my hands after using the bathroom, sometimes I scream at the top of my lungs, sometimes I laugh in an insane way, sometimes I have akward tics, and sometimes I scratch my face. But I some insane things I do are just once and stupid. One time, I was screaming at the TV, pushed it to the ground and started stepping on it. I then took a shit on it. I then threw some of my poop at my brother and then I ate some of my poop. 

This one time, I was about to walk out the door naked but my best friend stoped me before I could go. I then yelled in his face. I then gave him the finger and said, "GO TO HELL!" My friend then said, "What has gotten in you lately? You've been acting insane!" I started to feel guilty.

Another time is when I was having a fit like a toddler. When I dropped my phone and, even though it didn't break or crack, I got really upset. I then fell to the floor and started banging my hands on the floor and started screaming and crying. My friend and my brother tried to stop me. And also, you guys are probably thinking that I haven't had access to a computer for a while because I broke because of my dmadn insanitudoidkwal;aselkf! Well, I didn't it was my brother's computer. He gets protective of the computer. I'm hardly on his computer. Anyway, I went sisndane dkswkjsddkld!

Yestarday, I thought I could end this by destroying the flashdrive. I forgot to pull the flashdrive off the laptop and I'm not surprised to find it still connected to the computer. My brother uses his laptop from time to time but not often enought. I bet he didn't bother to mess with the flashdrive. I turned on the computer and checked the flashdrive files and saw all of them were gone! The only that was still there was the curse.obj. I exited out of the flashdrive and then I unpluged the flashdrive. I then exited out of the libray files thing program.

This part was unexpected. All of a sudden, the Demonic Raven jumpedscared and she was banging on the screen and it was freaky. What made it even more freaky was that each time she banged the screen, the screen moved forward. And when moved back, the screen moved back. IT WAS MOVING BACK AND FORTH AS SHE BANGED THE SCREEN! After a while, the screen stopped moving and the screen got all fussy and staticy. Then, images flashed long enought for me to see them but they quick. Every image was a graphic muderous image I've seen in the game and the videos and the gif. During that, a scream was heard and it was sounded realistic like the screams were coming from the room I was in. Also, the screams were so loud, they hurt my ears. After those images flashed, I was kind of reliefed and shocked by what I saw next. Raven's face partly melted and at least 2 of her eyes were hanging from the eye sockets. Hyperrealsitc blood and flesh and bone were shown. And Raven was making a gurgling moaning sound and fell. Now she wasn't covering half of the desktop.

At first, thought that was the end, but I was wrong. I went outside and burned the flash drive. I'm not sure flashdrives contain deadly chemicals but I was covering my mouth and nose just in case. As it burned, I heard a demonic whisper say, "You shouldn't have done that! Prepare for hell!" I heard quiet moans coming from the flashdrive. Anyway, later, I went to town to find Glen. I did eventully finding him in an ally getting food from a dumpster. I told him about what I saw on the flashdrive and my experiences and about when I burnt the flashdrive. He then started flipping out saying, "WHY THE HE-HELL DID YOU DO THAT! YOU ARE NOW UNDER A CUR-AH! CUR-AH! CU-CURSE! I'm not sure if you made it worst and ended it when you burnt the fucking flash-flash-flash-flash-flashdrive but.. AAAAH! I DON'T GOD DAMN KNOW! AAAAH!" He then saw a car coming and he then ran towards the street and I said, " Wait, what are you doing?!" The car got closer and then he was about to jump and then I screamed, "DON'T DO IT!" He then jumped infront of the car and got hit.

Everyone, including me, rushed towards him to see if he is okay. Someone who saw me with him asked, "Did you push him?" "No," I answered, "He did that himself. I tried to stop him but it was too late." Later that night, I had a terrifying nightmare. I woke up in a bed that was in a firey city. Skeletons everywhere and people running for their lives. Demons were chasing them and army men fought against the demons. The demon woman in black that was from the gif came up to me and said, "I'm the daughter of Satan!" She then flashed into Demonic Raven for about a second and changed back. Then she continued, "My father, Slender, Zalgo, Mickey Mouse demon, Happy Appy, Squidward Demon, and Demonic Sonic captured the creator of Teen Titans and had him create a 2 videos with black magic and the help of demons. We planned to air it worldwide. Anyone who views it go insane and if they get killed, kill them self, or I kill them, they will go to hell. But you ruined it because those videos were the only copies of it and they were on that flashdrive you burnt. We were gonna kill you later but you ruined it so we are gonna kill you! Those extra files that were magically added were me and the other demons. We made them so we could comminicate with you and increase your insanity. Anyway, I better tell you about myself. Like I said, I'm the daughter of Satan. I basically trick people with my beauty and then when the time is right, I kill them! AND THEN I SEND THEIR SOUL TO HELL! HA, HA, HA! HA, HA, HA!" I then woke up in fear.

Right now, I writing my possible final update. My brother and my friend are outside talking to the neighbors right now. I called the Mental Hospital to pick me up. I hope that my sanity will clear up and maybe I won't get killed or something. I don't know. I JUST WANT TO BE BACK TO NORMAL AND WHEN I DIE, I JUST WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN. Well, this might be the last time I ever talk to you guys. Bye. Wait a minute. I heard a noise inside my house! My roommates are outside but the noise came from inside this fucking house! I think I saw a shadow. It was shaped like Daughter of Satan! Asldfjkarghhb  n kw  grtfdc yrehs


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