September 24, 2015

Hello, this blog is about how I picture my world, with heroes, villans, and normal people, and, well, cool stuff like that. I'm Black Knight, that's my nickname. Dark Knight is my hero name. So first, I want to tell you how I became a Teen Titans fan. I was 8 years old, over the summer, Teen Titans came on evrynight at 11:00 PM and 11:30 PM on Boomerang. I love the series Teen Titans, until one night, At 11:00 PM I saw BeastBoy's transformation in to the beast within him in the episode, The Beast Within. It scared me like heck! Probably cause I was like, 8. So I was scared, but regardless of what I saw and turned off last night, I watched Teen Titans again a week later, and saw some Starfire transformation episode, called, Transformation, of course, I was still 8, I was scared again. Then after I fell asleep that night, I had a Teen Titans Starfire nightmare. After that nightmare, I never watched Teen Titans again, until the summer of 2015, I saw it and said, Maybe I won't be so scared this time since I'm older than I was before, so I watched the BeastBoy episode from when I was 8, I turned out to love it! I wasn't scared at all! I watched the Starfire Transformation episode, wasn't scared! No nightmares! I then became a fan again. I watch tons of episodes on and! Alot!!! They don't have it on Netflix.

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