I know more from watching alot of the old Teen titan's stuff. Sure the new Teen Tians go cartoon have got the chareters down, but not the action we all loved so much. I mean we can look it up on Youtube and find some free episode's, but unless you pair it is rare for you to find one without that dumb modified voice! But we get what we get. I have seen all of seson 1, 2, and some of 3...I will watch and offten coment on the new teen titan's. Like how Robin puts it all out there, when it was really Starfire who was showing more emotion is anything. Robin had his moments like when he cluched on to his shirt acting like he was having a heart atack then screemed "SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!" as we saw he got her confued over nothing. Star doesn't like him in the new one, when ofcourse the writer's of the old one were pretty much preping us up for them to kiss in tokyo after defeting a bunch of inch blobs, made to look really cool colorful creaturs, that were made fom a man trying to make a wife out of ink and black magic.                                                                                                                                                               Honestly if the new teen titans wanted to be fun they should have been dawing anime and writing good scrips. Robin isn't his real name, that's why he wears the mask, and the other Titans don't really seem to mide it at all. Or how beast boy was put in the care of Rita, besides even in thow it makes it pretty clear animals can't talk, so why do that dumb thing in the new one? I mean honestly. The other thing is Starfire, she is so sweet, she's a princess, she doesn't just have a black hearted sister but a twin brother, Wildfire, and Blackfire had kidnapped him and won't tell her were she hid him. Raven, she has emotions, she is ashamed of who she is, Now in the new one trigon is someone that come's and goes as he please. But it's not till The End part 1 and 2 that it shows he needs her to get to the real word. Now Cybor os sorta tricky. He is a hind but be out there sorta guy. He'll fight, but he always is working on his car in the gym or even playing video games with one of the two boy's. It is revealed that he got into a bad acsident but since most of him is machine he needs a charger. He never got to finish high school, so when he has to go undercover he goes as a guy that turns to stone even though it is just two rings making it an illusion of him being all man. Now how about Terra? In comics there are three Terra's. the first one had a sexual relationship with Slade while undercover as a Titan but dies , the second one ends up really liking Beastboy and yet she ends up dieing, The third one was also inlove with Beastboy, but after finding out about the other two Terra's death she leaves going to young justic. Slade was a really important charecter in the old Teen Titan's, but for some reason they drop hints he was there, like on the botton punching bag in robin's room...which reminds me, WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST ADD A GYM IN THE NEW ONE!?!?!!

Well that's all for now, thank you for reading.

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