Ok so me and my niece are in TT and I knew that it was canceled but I do not know when cuz I was very little at the time but the few years I wacthed it I loved it as well but I missed seeing it on tv and then when I was 11 abell to see it cuz I had a bed time as I had school in the morning OK SO PLEASE DON'T MAKE FUN OF ME! and I had to go to bed right when it came on but when I was 11 I was abell to see on ep a day but sadily my Mom and Dad had are box in there room and I was not abell to see it again then my brother put his in there but know every one gos in there when im wacthing tv and my brother wont let me wacth tv on that tv or use it but I look things up but my niece has a dvd of TT but see does not come to my house that much and she never brings the dvd and shes also moving so what do I do I well like to see more but the only place to see it is on youtube on my laptop and I do want to see more cuz I just saw all the way thow again (cuz I culd not remeber that much of it cuz it was years) and I saw Robin and Starfire KISS!!!!!!! I was happy to see them KISS!!!!!! so please tell me that will bring back the seriesand if not why don't we just get them to like telling them we want more and not all of cartoon network is good like (and this is just me so no offcin k) mad annoing oringe Jonny Test and more and also they have bad shows when it 7 or 8 at night so if you agee then leve coments kk by.


I still have not seen all the eps yet but I did is the last ep just now on youtube and it had Terra in it but it end in a bad bad bad cliff hanger I mean like what ever happined to that monster that Cyborg Raven Robin and Starfire fighting?? Was that really Terra? How did she stop being made out of rock? By the way how did she get tured in to a rock? (Like I said did not see all the eps sorry) and also why does she have amiesha? (Sorry I don't know how to spell that I am really bad at spelling). Can any of you tell me why???

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