Quote1 I am excellence. I am perfection. I am Trident. Quote2

Trident is a highly self-absorbed Atlantean denizen and a special enemy of Aqualad. He is the main antagonist of Deep Six.

Character history

Trident first came to the Teen Titans' attention when he sunk a cargo ship carrying a sizable amount of toxic waste. While checking the wreck, the Titans stumbled across Trident, who seemed to be capable of attacking them from several places at once, and Aqualad, who gave them timely assistance. While the other Titans were forced to wait in an underwater cave while Tramm repaired the damaged T-Ship, Beast Boy, and Aqualad went into the ocean to locate Trident's hideout. Once they had located Trident's lair, the two heroes found out the secret of Trident's mysterious ability to appear in several places at the same time: he was using the toxic waste to create an army of clones of himself, to force everyone in Atlantis and on Earth to submit to his supposed greatness. The plan came to naught when Beast Boy and Aqualad slyly exploited Trident's inherent massive ego, which was also present in his clones, and goaded the duplicates into fighting each other. While they couldn't prevent the rest of the clones from hatching, the other Titans arrived just in time to blast the cave's entrance, sealing Trident and all his clones within.

Trident was later freed and initiated into the Brotherhood of Evil, where he worked with Plasmus to capture Aqualad and Tramm. They succeeded in capturing them both and Aqualad and Tramm were flash-frozen as victory trophies. During the final battle against the Titans in the Brotherhood's headquarters, he clashed with Control Freak (controlled by Jericho) and later was defeated by Thunder, flash-frozen along with all the other members of the Brotherhood of Evil.

Powers and abilities

Trident's Powers and abilities
Replication (Instant Army)
Trident Ability 1 Trident can instantly and perfectly replicate himself numerous times. Trident's copies always cooperate because they possesses the same minds and goals.

Aside from his Atlantean heritage, which includes communicating telepathy with marine life, swimming at high speeds and surviving underwater, Trident's powers include enhanced strength and speed. He also carries his namesake weapon, a trident, which is capable of firing powerful energy blasts.

Teen Titans Go!


The attack

After breaking free from his cold prison, Trident appeared in #54 commanding his army amphibious to take control of the Amazon's Paradise Island. Aqualad informed Robin of the impeding attack and the Titans teamed up with Wonder Girl to fend off the attacks. He was knocked down by Cassandra Sansmark, a girl who obtains the Greek mystical artifact.


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