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Tramm imitating Cyborg

Tramm is Aqualad's loyal companion and friend who aids him by building gadgets or equipment that may help in necessary situations, as well as an Honorary Titan.

Character History

Tramm was first seen in the episode Deep Six. He was called by Aqualad to fix Cyborg's T- Ship. After he had fixed it, both Aqualad and Tramm were made Honorary Titans. He made close friends with Cyborg shortly after.

Because he was a young hero with gifted powers, Tramm was targeted by the Brotherhood of Evil. In Calling All Titans, Tramm was sent to aid Aqualad when he was attacked by Plasmus and Trident. He was eventually subdued by XL Terrestrial, but defeated him and went to find Aqualad. Trident fought Aqualad, while Plasmus took on Tramm. Both heroes were defeated and added as a flash-frozen trophy in the Brotherhood's base in Paris.

In Titans Together, Tramm was seen alongside Aqualad when Mas y Menos freed the captive Titans, but wasn't actually seen fighting. After their victory, Tramm socialized with other Titans in the Titans Tower and was seen next to Aqualad, ready to capture Doctor Light.


He speaks in a gibberish that Aqualad apparently understands. However, it could be telepathy. Why Tramm did not join Titans East along with Aqualad isn't specified, so it is assumed that he watches over the sea in Aqualad's absence. Tramm is considered a Titan, and was given a T-Communicator.

Beast Boy was able to mimic Tramm's face (Due to Beast Boy's connection to The Red) and called him a 'fish-boy'. Tramm also took Beast Boy's spot in the T-Sub and was able to drive it. He warmed up to Cyborg and, after a spiel of gibberish, high-fived him and said "Boo-yah!'.

Tramm is shown to be extremley loyal to his friends, as he obeyed Aqualad when he told him to fix the T-Ship, and when Robin sent him to aid Aqualad.


Tramm has a beige scaly skin and many fish/amphibian features; fins, gills, etc. He wears blue shorts with a blue shirt/carrier pack that holds all of his tools. His eyes are yellow with reptilian pupils and are surrounded by black stripes, some of which are on his arms and back. Catfish-like feelers frame the top of his mouth, which is full of blunt teeth. This Titan is relatively short, and has webbed fingers and toes.

Powers & Abilities


Tramm in his inflated form

Tramm is a mechanical expert who is capable of fixing and making many types of devices and equipment. Due to his blowfish like qualities, he can inflate himself to a massive size, this causes his muscle mass to increase exponentially, thus increasing his fighting capabilities. Tramm is able to swim at a fast rate, and was seen in a water vortex alongside Aqualad. In Deep Six, he fixed the Titans' ship, which Cyborg was deeply upset about.


  • Tramm was not seen in the last scenes of Titans Together, groaning at Beast Boy's joke.
  • In the credits of Calling All Titans, it shows that Dee Bradley Baker voices Tramm in that episode.
  • Tramm is the only Honorary Titan that didn't appear in the mainstream comics. He's also a Titan to be specifically created in the series (along with Melvin, Teether, Timmy, and Bobby, etc.).
  • The first time Tramm talks in Deep Six, he says, "What the matter?" However, every other time he talks after that, it is unintelligable, other than when he says "Booyah!" (imitating Cyborg).
  • Tramm bears some similarities to the DC character Lagoon Boy, who also has a fish-like appearance and an ability to inflate his body.
  • He also has some similarities to the Galvin from Ben 10, both are grey amphibian like creatures and have an advanced aptitude for tinkering with advanced technology.


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