The cover of Teen Titans 2 for the Game Boy Advance.

Teen Titans 2 (alternatively known as Teen Titans 2: The Brotherhood's Revenge on the title screen) is a Game Boy Advance game released in 2006, one year after the previous Teen Titans Game Boy Advance game and the same year as the Teen Titans video game for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube.


While sharing similar elements from the previous GBA game, there are some differences. One notable difference is that players now have three health bars. If they lose all their health in the first health bar, they will be left with two bars of health, and so on. If all three health bars are depleted, the Titan dies. Some Titans have more or less health bars, and their maximum health can permanently be increased by finding potions.


Just as the 2005 GBA game was loosely based on the H.I.V.E./Brother Blood storyline of season three, this game's plot is loosely based on the storyline of the fifth season, particularly the episodes "Calling All Titans!" and "Titans Together". The story begins with Robin escaping captivity and embarking on a mission to rescue the other Titans from the Brotherhood of Evil. At the end of each mission, there is a boss fight against a member of the Brotherhood of Evil. If the boss guards a captive Titan, he or she will be unlocked and playable for the next mission. This pattern goes on until all Titans are freed to take down the Brotherhood of Evil.


  • Every main member of the Brotherhood of Evil, with the exception of Madame Rouge, is a boss in the game.
  • General Immortus is the first, second, and fifth boss. In the first fight, Robin battles him and he pilots a flying tank. In the second battle, Cyborg fights him and he pilots a heavily-armed tank he dubs the Titan Crusher. In the third and final battle against him, Starfire fights him and he pilots an aerial vehicle.
  • Monsieur Mallah is the third and fourth boss of the game. The first time he is fought, Raven fights him. In his second battle, Beast Boy fights him.
  • The Brain is the sixth and final boss. He sits at the top of a tower behind a series of protective force fields. Beast Boy has to climb up as a monkey and then press the buttons to shut the force fields off, while watching out for electric shocks raining down on him. After all of the force fields are deactivated, he is defeated.

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