Teen Titans - Trouble in Tokyo DVD

Teen Titans - Trouble in Tokyo (DVD)

Teen Titans - Trouble in Tokyo was the final DVD release of the Teen Titans (TV Series).


The Titans go ninja on the notorious villain Brushogun in their awsome first feature-lenght movie.

When a high-tech ninja from the Far East attacks TITANS TOWER, ROBIN, STARFIRE, CYBORG, RAVEN, and BEAST BOY make sushi out of him. Discovering the warrior was sent by menacing Japanese baddie Brushogun, the crew heads to Tokyo to find the bigger fish to fry!

But crashing the criminal element on the other side of the ocean isn't as easy they thought. The local police don't believe Brushogun is anything more than a mythical legend, and when ROBIN takes out an attacker in a thrilling showdown, he gets a one-way ticket ton jail.

As the other TITANS race to ROBIN, Brushogun makes his play to end the TEEN TITANS one by one. It's high voltage action all the way.

Special Features

  • The Lost Episode
  • Robin's Underworld Race Challenge
  • Languages & Subtitles
    • English
    • Français
    • Español

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