Article Silkie re-dit by Ozzman

Hey, Ozzman. I'd like to ask you whether you think that this over-excessive retro-edit of yours is worthy of an encyclopedia, 'cause I think it sure ain't. Too many words describing essentially just one episode, too many unneccessary details. You ever wrote an A or B-grade essay in your life?! Sure doesn't look to me like that. Daniel46 08:23, November 29, 2009 (UTC)Daniel46

  • What's wrong with a wiki being a complete compendium on its chosen subject? It seems to me that more information on a subject is preferable. It would be very hard to accurately predict exactly what kind of information a user comes to the site looking for, so why not make it easy to find every bit of information we can provide?
  • Yeah, good information is valuable. But that doesn't mean you can insert just what you want. I wonder what you would feel like if you had to read - and analyze - a text which is so full of unneccessary gibberish that you ain't sure about what the hell this is essentially all about? This Silkie re-dit of yours certainly fits this profile. 08:37, November 29, 2009 (UTC)
  • I will admit, I've fallen into the habit of automatically undoing any edits that remove lots of content because of dealing with vandals, and it's made me rather lax about actually checking the differences, but I still believe that more information is preferable, and it's far more helpful to reword and rearrange things on the page than outright deleting them. If you believe that the page is too convoluted and cluttered, then I'm more than happy to work with other contributors here to find a balance that the community can agree on. For example, the "food preferences" header, I think we can all agree, pretty obviously doesn't need to be there and the information therein can be integrated elsewhere on the page. I apologize if you feel that my rollbacks were out of spite, I'll be sure to use a lighter touch in the future.

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