Tag Team Titans is an online Cartoon Network game. Click here or here to play this game.


Brother Blood, leading the H.I.V.E., is attempting to defeat the Titans and their allies so he can achieve world domination! It is up to you, playing as the Teen Titans, to stop him!


Titans (Playable Characters)

  • Robin
    • Special ability: Discus throw
    • Robin can double jump
  • Cyborg
    • Special ability: Sonic cannon
  • Starfire
    • Special ability: Eye blasts
    • Starfire can glide
  • Raven
    • Special ability: Telekinesis
  • Beast Boy
    • Special ability: Animal Transformations (T-Rex, Ram, Bat)
    • Beast Boy can fly



  • Side Arrow Keys: Moves character in their indicated position
  • Up Arrow Key: Jump
  • Space Bar: Attack/Select
  • X Key: Special Attack
  • Numbers 1-5: Switch Characters


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