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Real Name Koriand'r
Aliases Star
Twinkle Star (by Mother Mae-Eye)
Troq (racist name, by Val-Yor)
Dr. Amazing Mumgon the Terrible (as a self-thought up villain alias in Revved Up)
Alien Powerhouse (by Control Freak)
Sister Dear (by Blackfire in Betrothed)
Place of Origin Tamaran
Residence Jump City
Species Tamaranean
Affiliations Teen Titans
Friends Robin (boyfriend)
Beast Boy
Silkie (pet/bumgorf)
Red Star
Family Blackfire (older sister)
Wildfire (younger brother)
Galfore (adoptive father/guardian)
Myand'r (father; deceased)
Luand'r (mother; deceased)
Powers & Abilities FTL Flight
Starbolt energy projection (colored bright green)
Starbolt shields
Starbolt blasts
Starbolt bursts
Starbolt beams
Starbolt waves
Starbolt eye beams
Accelerated healing factor
Superhuman strength
Superhuman endurance
Superhuman durability
Superhuman agility
Superhuman reflexes
Language assimilation (lip contact)
Experienced hand-to-hand combatant
Immunity and resistance to radiation
Weapon None
Likes Robin
Cooking Tamaranean foods
Drinking mustard
Going to the mall
Lifting weights with Cyborg
Meditating with Raven
Spending time with Robin
Tamaranean traditions
Watching World of Fungus on TV
Watching Beast Boy eat tofu
Spending time with good friends in general
Her midriff baring outfit
Dislikes Kitten
Metallic chromium (allergy)
Friends arguing
Villains in general
The Gordanians
Cironielian Chrysalis Eater
Any girl romantically flirting with Robin
Being used and deceived by Blackfire
First Appearance Go! (prequel episode)
Divide and Conquer (written)
Final Exam (aired)
Voiced By Hynden Walch (English)
Kouko Tsukimoto (Japanese)
Laëtitia Godès (French)
Susanne Herrmann (German)
Ilaria Latini (Italian)
Jung Mi-suk (Korean)
Quote1 There was nothing you could have done. There will always be people that say mean words because you are different. And sometimes their minds cannot be changed. But there are many more people that do not judge a person based on how they look, or where they came from. Those are the people whose words truly matter. Quote2

Starfire is an alien princess from the distant world, Tamaran, and one of the five founding members of the Teen Titans. She is also Robin's main love interest and finally becomes his girlfriend by the end of the show.

Character History



A young Starfire with her family.

Starfire was born and raised on the distant planet Tamaran before arriving on Earth and joining the Teen Titans. The Tamaraneans are an emotional race who see feelings as the force that drives their very livelihood. In fact, it's their emotions that fuel their natural abilities of flight. Because of this, Starfire is inherently the most sensitive member of the Titans.

Starfire was cared for as a child by Galfore, who first appeared in Betrothed. Starfire's only family of which we know in the series is her evil big sister Blackfire. Later, in the comic Teen Titans Go, it's revealed she also has a younger brother named Wildfire, who was sent away when the Gordanians attacked Tamaran, and that her parents died from grief after she was traded as a slave by Blackfire to the Gordanians in order to bring peace to war-torn Tamaran.

Starfire came to Earth as Koriand'r, an alien princess being transported by Gordanians, in exile as a slave to the Citadel. Through the use of her innate Tamaranean strength, she broke free from the brig aboard a Gordanian ship and landed in Jump City. While attempting to free herself of the handcuffs with which she had been laden, she ended up both destroying buildings and cars, and running into four young teenagers with whom she would later fight crime.

Raven suggested that fighting may not be the answer, and only then did Robin notice the handcuffs. Carefully, he talked the mysterious girl down and took off the handcuffs. She grabbed and kissed him to learn the English language, and warned him to leave her alone if they do not wish to be destroyed. (This falls in line with how Tamaraneans learn language through lip contact.) And then Cyborg said that she knows how to leave a mark.

Once freed, she sought out food in the form of popcorn and candy at the local video store.

Having been tracked by the Titans, she reunited with them and fought off the wave of Gordanians sent to recapture her. Angered at Lord Trogaar's promise of destruction, she yelled at Robin, reminding him that she told him to leave her alone. The two got into an argument, but the situation was quickly defused after they apologized to each other, and the decision was made to work as a team to save the city from the Gordanians' particle weapon. The five teenagers founded the Teen Titans shortly after.

Physical Appearance

Starfire is shown to be very beautiful. Her eyes, hair, skin, and outfit view her as colorful in comparison to Raven. Her long fiery-red hair is down to her waist and straight with bangs. She has small eyebrows, and green eyes with light-green scleras (or in other words, the whites of her eyes are colored light-green). She is tall, with bright orange skin, (or it seems to have a yellow-ish skin tone in the comic strip above), and her outfit is mostly violet with a belt, her neck and gauntlets being silver. She also wears an armband on her right arm, which is also silver. She wears a violet sleeveless crop top showing her midriff, a violet mini-skirt, and violet thigh-high boots. As a Tamaranean, she has alien physiology which includes a long purple tongue and nine stomachs, (probably for storing food during meager times). She also seems to resemble some Japanese girls, inheriting similar eyebrows and very shiny hair.


Despite her beauty, Starfire is joyous, naive, and somewhat insecure, but her naivete is not to be mistaken for stupidity. An alien and an outsider, she is still rather new to Earth and its customs. (For example, she did not understand what a boy meant when he asked if she was "diggin' the scene" when she was at a party, and stated, confused, "I did not know we were supposed to bring shovels.") This leads to much confusion for her and others, such as the awkwardness in casually drinking mustard as a beverage, and thinking cotton candy and cotton balls are the same thing. She takes friendship very seriously, and is easily distressed when others, especially her friends, argue or fight. Starfire is particularly indignant to the point of snubbing her teammates when she believes they do not care for her friendship or company. She is arguably the most social of the Titans, regularly meditating with Raven, or lifting weights with Cyborg. Above all, she wishes to be friends with everyone she meets, and for everyone to get along. She also insists on sharing her own customs with other members of the team (such as providing a crown of raw meat to be worn on one's birthday), but doesn't generally take offense when they don't understand or refuse her. In one instance, she lies about a holiday celebrated by destroying drapery and blows up a window to explain an accidentally torn curtain; an act that barely registers as odd behavior by the others. Presumably because English is not her first language, Starfire speaks without contractions, and misuses idioms (e.g. "Kick the butt!" as opposed to "Kick butt!" or "The mall of shopping" instead of "shopping mall" as well as "lobstery" instead of "crabby"). Additionally, she uses several Tamaranean nouns, such as "bumgorf" (term of endearment towards one's own child), "K'norfka" (parent or guardian), "clorbag valblernelk" (insulting term), "G'lufnog" (bless you; said after one sneezes), and "shlorvak" (dream).


Starfire watching fireworks in awe

Starfire's personality changed dramatically from her first meeting with the Titans in Go!. She demonstrated her power and strength as she escaped from the Gordanian ship. While others saw rampant destruction without a cause, Raven saw her trying to free herself from her handcuffs. As mentioned above, it seems Tamaraneans learn language through lip contact, and having gotten what she wanted from Robin, she leaves him with a warning to leave her alone, she flies away knowing full well that the Gordanians were still hot on her trail.

As she fought against the Gordanians with the four other young heroes, her personality calmed dramatically, and she eventually apologized for the destruction she had caused during her escape.

This change in behavior suggests Starfire truly was, at heart, a somewhat friendly, kindhearted character. The reckless behavior seen in the beginning of the episode might lend some credence to why Tamaraneans are so feared throughout the galaxy their strength is not easily matched. It also proves that Starfire, when the time is right, is not afraid to "kick the butt".

While naive, she is extremely perceptive. As shown in Apprentice - Part 2, while knowing Robin and Slade had similar personalities, she refused to believe he had gone to be Slade's apprentice of his own accord, spending hours looking for him. Later, she states that she "cannot live in a world where they must fight," showing that she values her friends more than anything.

Starfire cares about each of her friends, but there is one person whom she cares more than anyone on Earth: Robin. Since the day they met both her and Robin have had feelings for each other, which are obvious to everyone including a few villains. There have been multiple hints throughout the show showing how much they care for one another (Sisters, Date with Destiny, Betrothed, Stranded and Go!); but Robin and Starfire didn't admit their feelings for each other until the series finale movie Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. At that time they share a few scenes with each other and have attempted to kiss twice. By the end of the movie, Robin and Starfire finally reveal their feelings for each other and they finally share a real kiss. They are seen the next day holding each other's hands, confirming that they have finally become a couple.


Starfire prom

Starfire in the episode Date with Destiny.


Starfire is close to all her friends but the most important person that she loves more than anyone is her best friend Robin. Starfire has secretly harbored romantic feelings for him ever since they first met, what she doesn't know is that Robin feels the same way about her but both are too afraid to confess how they really for each other even though it's obvious to all of their friends and even enemies.

Since Starfire is still new to Earth and its customs, Robin takes the time to help her learn to adjust to life on Earth which also strengths their bond with each other. Starfire enjoys Robin's teachings to no end and they get along very well.

There are also other big hints throughout the show that they like one another, such as when Robin fights and easily defeats the other Titans like Slade commands him to, but when Starfire is the last one, he refuses to strike her down. In this time, Starfire was also the only Titan he had spoken to. Also, in For Real, Control Freak jealously claims "She's too good for Robin, he'll never appreciate her!" to which Más y Menos (who also have crushes on Starfire) agree. This shows that even though they both try to hide how they really feel it's obvious to everyone that they have feelings for each other. Also there are many times when Robin saves her from falling or being hit by something, or Starfire grabs him and flies away with him they save each other from small things all the time that are not much thought of but if not for the other they would probably be dead.

Having such strong feelings for him, Starfire often gets extremely jealous when other girls flirt with Robin, such as Blackfire and Kitten, as shown in Sisters and Date with Destiny. Robin has also been shown to become jealous whenever, Starfire appears to be interested in someone else [1] or when boys occasionally flirt with her, for her beauty.

Throughout the series there have been crucial moments to the growing bond between Starfire and Robin and have even had a few episodes that focuses on their growing relationship which are Sisters, Date with Destiny, Betrothed, Stranded and Go!. They are also the five main episodes from each season that focuses on Robin and Starfire's feelings for each other.

Together in the Moonlight

Robin and Starfire enjoying a Ferris Wheel ride together.

In Sisters, it's the first episode to show that Robin and Starfire have strong romantic feelings towards each other. During the episode Starfire is shown to still having a bit of a hard time to adjusting to life on Earth, but thanks to Robin he has been taking time to help Starfire better understand Earth and it's customs. At the start of episode, Robin and Starfire are shown to be on a Ferris wheel enjoying watching the fireworks together, however during the ride Starfire is suddenly taken away by an alien robot. Thankfully the Titans are able to rescue her and defeat the robot, when the Titans return back to the Tower they are introduced to a suprise vistor: Starfire's older sister Blackfire.

RobxStar (3)

Robin attempting to comfort a dejected Starfire.

Starfire is at first very happy to see Blackfire, but her happiness is soon gone when it seems that she is starting to take her place on the team. Starfire is more upset to see that ever since she first lead her eyes on him Blackfire is shown to be constantly flirting with Robin, evening showing a bit alien martial arts. Later on, when they go to a club the rest of the Titans are really enjoying themselves all except Starfire. She later goes onto the roof of the club and starts to think that maybe she doesn't belong on Earth after all, however to her suprise Robin appears and ask what's wrong, Starfire tries to avoid the subject, but Robin can easily see that she is not happy at all and finally she starts to explain that she is unhappy that she doesn't seem to fit in very well and she is nothing like her older sister. Robin tries to console her, but is suddenly interrupted and taken away by Blackfire who wants to dance with him, leaving Starfire by herself on the roof.

Later on, when Blackfire is offered the chance to become a Teen Titan, Starfire decides that it's best that she leave the team thinking that Blackfire is better suited for the job. However just before she is about to go she is stopped by Robin, Starfire flies down to him and is about to explain to him why she has decided to leave, but are suddenly attacked by two aliens who kidnap Starfire, Robin tries to rescue her, but fails and they are able to get away. As the aliens are about to leave Earth and take Starfire away they are suddenly attacked by Robin and fights his way to rescue Starfire. During the fight the ship becomes damaged and can no longer stay in the air, Robin is able to free Starfire, takes her hand and they are able get off the ship just before it crashes. Starfire then finally learns the truth: The aliens are revealed to be centurai police who are after a tamaranean girl who has committed many crimes. She realises that it's really Blackfire who had been intending to make Starfire look like the culprit and take her place in jail. Starfire then soon confronts her sister, fights her and soon Blackfire is taken away to jail, but not before she swears revenge against Starfire.

Robin & Starfire

Robin comforting Starfire.

The next day Starfire is sitting alone on the rooftop reflecting over the recent events, Robin then arrives and asks her how she's doing, Starfire replies saying she is sad about her sister, but is glad that the truth was discovered before she was replaced. Surpised, Robin asks what exactly does she mean and Starfire explains that since everyone was enjoying Blackfire so much she was afraid she would take her place, however Robin states "Look, your sister was interesting, but she could never take your place. No one could ever take your place." which puts a smile on Starfire's face and the episode ends with both Robin and Starfire watching the sun together on the rooftop before it fades to black.
Happy Couple

Robin and Starfire in Date with Destiny.

In Date with Destiny it is the second episode that focuses on Robin and Starfire's growing relationship. During the episode, the villain Killer Moth threatens to release an army of his mutant moths on the city unless Robin takes his daughter Kitten to her junior prom. Starfire strongly disapproves of the arrangement, but with no other idea's on how to stop them, Robin has no choice but to agree to his demand. Later, when the moths have been called back, Robin tells the Titans to investigate Kitten and find out what her connection to Killer Moth is (unaware that they are related). Starfire having found a loop hole in "investigating Kitten" acquires herself a dress and goes to the prom so that she may investigate Kitten more closely and to "protect" Robin. Robin is very surprised and happy to see Starfire and spends a long time admiring her in her dress. When Kitten arrives, Starfire becomes enraged with jealously after seeing Robin taking Kitten's arm and walking into the dance together that she punches the hood of Kitten's limo so hard that the opposite side lifts up into the air and crumbles to pieces.

Throughout the entire episode, Starfire is shown to be out of her mind with jealousy seeing Robin and Kitten so close together, she even melts the punch bowl and scares a couple when she sees Robin and Kitten dancing. When Robin finds out that the Titans are taking down Killer Moth he immediately dumps Kitten which makes Starfire very happy, however to their utter surprise Kitten reveals herself to be his daughter and has the controller that will release the moths.
Prom King & Queen

Robin and Starfire declared the Prom King and Queen.

She threatens to release them on the city, unless Robin and her share a kiss which makes Starfire break apart. Just as she is about to kiss him, Robin puts his finger against her lips and says "Not even if you paid me" and tries to get the controller, but are interrupted by the arrival of Kitten's boyfriend Fang who says "Get your hands OFF MY GIRL!" and hits Robin away from her, Starfire then shoots a Starbolt at Fang and replies "Keep your LEGS OFF MY BOY!" and asks Robin if he is alright. At the end of the episode after Fang, Kitten and Killer Moth are defeated, the DJ declares Robin and Starfire as the Prom King and Queen and the two of them share their first romantic dance together.

In Betrothed, it is the third episode that focuses on their relationship. In the episode, Robin is extremely disturbed that Starfire is to marry someone she's never met. In the same episode, when Starfire mistakes a handsome Tameranean as whom she is to be wed and is immediately enamored by him, Robin's reaction showed a great disapproval and comical jealousy. When Robin and the other Titans find out more about what's happening, Robin climbs Starfire's balcony and tries to talk her out of the wedding, however she tells him she has to do it for the good of her people and even though Robin can not fully see it, Starfire is shown to not be happy with the situation either as she is forced into marrying someone who she doesn't love. Later in the episode, before leaving Tamaran, Starfire's last words were, "...I shall choose my own husband. Who is to know? Perhaps there is a groom for me on Earth," as she surrenders the crown of Tamaran and walks side by side with Robin back to Earth, a clear foreshadowing of the future.

In Stranded, it is the fourth episode focusing on Robin and Starfire's true feelings for each other. It is also considered to be one of the most important episodes featuring their relationship as Robin and Starfire came very close to finally admitting how they've truly felt about each other all this whole time. At the start of the episode the Titans go to a space station and end up getting attacked by an alien monster with a powerful shriek, all of the Titans are unable to stop it and are eventually knocked unconscious. Robin and Starfire however are still able to fight and work together to defeat it. While Robin and Starfire are congratulating each other over their victory, Cyborg says that it's time to go, but at the same moment teases Robin about his and Starfire's relationship by calling Starfire his girlfriend. Robin becomes both shocked and embarrassed at the suggestion and starts to hyperventilate. He also notices that everyone (minus Raven) have smug looks on their faces revealing that they are all fully aware of how Robin and Starfire truly feel about each other.

Stranded xa

Robin lands himself in big trouble

Embarrassed and annoyed at the teasing Robin yells "SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND" which shocks Starfire so much that she falls to the ground. Starfire becomes confused and very angry, and as Robin starts prepare himself from some uncomfortable questions from her, they hear a loud shriek and the alien monster is revealed to have survived the fall and starts to destroy the station. During the escape Starfire keeps trying to talk Robin, but he tells her to give him space which appears to have surprised her a bit. The Titans are able to escape the station before it explodes, but the monster latches itself onto the ship and messes with the radio, making the Titans believe Robin's orders are to split up which causes the Titans to split the T-Ship apart and land separately on different areas of an alien planet. When Robin start's to look for the others, he comes across Starfire's pod, but finds a slug creature instead. Believing the monster to have done something to her Robin attacks it, but it's slimy body makes it difficult for him to fight and it almost eats him. Luckily, Robin is saved when a unknown archer destroys it and the archer is revealed to be Starfire, Robin runs towards Starfire, happy that she's alright, but to his surprise Starfire doesn't act like her usual self and acts stand-offish towards him, Starfire then says they should start looking for the others while at the same time starts to ignore Robin.


Robin saves Starfire.

While searching for the others, Starfire keeps moving away from Robin every time he gets to close to her. Starfire reveals she is giving Robin "the space" as he requested back at the station, which reveals to Robin that Starfire is still mad at him for earlier. Starfire suggests that they would have better luck looking for the others if they split up, Robin however is against the idea and asks if she could just talk to him, Starfire then asks him if he is finally ready to explain why she isn't his girlfriend. This makes Robin nervous which makes Starfire go back to ignoring. Later, Robin and Starfire reach an unstable part of the planet what almost causes Robin to fall into a lava-pit, but is saved by Starfire, however despite saving him Starfire continues ignoring him. Thinking she has misunderstood what girlfriend means on Earth, Robin starts to explain, but to his surprise Starfire is revealed to already be aware of what girlfriend means.

Robin attempting to confess his true feelings to Starfire

Robin and Starfire soon find themselves on different parts of the mountain and the ground beneath them breaks apart and the two of them end up falling, Robin is able to save himself, but to his surprise, Starfire reveals that she is unable to use her powers. Robin jumps down to save her and the two of them land safely in a cave. Now that they are safe, Robin asks Starfire why she was unable to use her powers to save them and she reveals that her powers are connected to her emotions and reveals that she can't fly or shoot star-bolts is because she is upset that Robin would not admit to her as his girlfriend and starts to fear that their relationship won't be the same since he won't admit how he feels about her.

Robin and Starfire officially reconcile

Robin starts to explain how he really feels about her even going so far as to admit he thinks "it's awesome the way [she] shoots starbolts" and that "it's cool that [she's] brave and the strongest girl ever". Starfire asks him if he doesn't mind having a girlfriend, but before Robin can answer her they are suddenly attacked once again by the shriek monster, Robin and Starfire start to fight the monster together with Starfire regaining most of her powers. The monster lures Robin and Starfire to the edge of a cliff, with no way of escape Robin says it's time to fly, Starfire is nervous, but Robin reassures her by taking her hand and telling her as long as they're together it will be okay. They both jump off the cliff together and with one last glance, Starfire regains her flight abilities and she and Robin safely fly to the top of the mountain, now that they are safe and sound Robin and Starfire look into each other's eyes and with Starfire having forgiven him shares a hug with him in reconciliation, however they are interrupted of the sudden arrival of Beast Boy and Cyborg in a slightly damage T-Ship.

Their feelings are very obvious throughout the series, even when there are episodes that don't fully involve their relationship, they can be seen in almost every episode of the series.

When Mad Mod is explaining to Starfire why her starbolts aren't working, Robin becomes protective of her and tells Mad Mod to get away from her. While trying to find the others Starfire was the first Titan, Robin had found and he was able to rescue her right before she was killed by one of Mad Mod's machines.

In Revolution, when Mad Mod takes Robin hostage, Starfire is shown to more worried about him than any of the other Titans. When the Titans are deciding over which course of action they should take, Starfire thinks that it's best that they find Robin and restore his youth so that he may lead them to victory. When the Titans decide to go with Starfire's plan first, they track Robin through his communicator. The Titans seemed to have found him and when Starfire goes to hug him, they find that "Robin" is nothing more than a hologram. Later, when the Titans have successfully defeated Mad Mod and restored Robin's youth, Starfire is shown hugging Robin, happy that he is back to normal.

In the episode "Troq" when Cyborg tells Robin about what Val-Yor is calling her he gets very upset.

In The End - Part 2 when Starfire was fighting her Nega self she was using Starfire's inner feelings against her so while she was fighting her, her Nega self kept telling Starfire when the fight was over Robin would be all hers which shows that Starfire has strong feelings towards Robin.

In Snowblind when Starfire leaves by herself to track down the monster on her own, Robin, worried for her safety yells her name, but she ignores him. Later, before she collapses in the snow, she weakly murmurs "Robin...". It is later shown the rest of the Titans waiting near the broken down T-Ship, Robin decides to go after her, but the other are against the idea as he wouldn't be able to survive in the storm, though he listens to his friends Robin remains very worried about Starfire. While Starfire is missing, Robin is looking around the area seeing if Starfire has come back yet, Raven tries to assure him by telling him Starfire can take care of herself, and Robin replies, "That doesn't mean I can't worry." When they find her at Red Star's home, Starfire runs to hug Robin before looking to see the rest of her friends.

In Go!, it's a prequel to the series and reveals how the Teen Titans first met and how they were first formed. It's also the fifth and final episode focusing on Robin and Starfire's love for each other and also reveals exactly how Robin and Starfire first met and how they both developed their strong romantic feelings for each other. When Robin and Starfire first met their relationship was rather rocky at the start since Starfire had been prisoner for so long and she was in a place that was still very new to her. However, by the end of the episode Robin and Starfire's relationship greatly improved and shows that they have both developed strong romantic feelings for each other.

At the beginning, Starfire is revealed to be a prisoner of the Gordanians and is fighting her way off of their ship, she quickly escapes and flies off on the planet Earth to get away from her alien captors. Robin (having just left Batman) decides to become a solo hero at Jump City and is fighting a thief when he notices a bright green light fast approaching the city, he soon finds himself an alien girl destroying everything around her and soon starts to fight her.


Robin and Starfire's "first" kiss.

Robin soon realizes that she is much stronger than she looks and can't handle her on his own and soon finds himself getting help from his future teammates: Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven. Robin then soon realizes after listening to Raven, that the girl isn't trying to destroy the city, but she is merely trying to get out her restraints, Robin then tells the others to stand down while he goes forward to try and help her. Starfire is shown to be very tired, but quickly becomes battle ready to defend herself, however Robin approaches her slowly and calmly explains to her that he just wants to help by showing his lock-pick. She lowers her starbolts and allows Robin to remove her restraints and once they are finally removed she suddenly grabs Robin and kisses him.

Starfire then pushes him away and now starts to speak English, she tells him "If you wish not to be destroyed, you will leave me alone" and flies off leaving Robin still surprised over the kiss she gave him. Shortly after Starfire, Robin decides to track her down in his own to see if she is a threat to the city. However, the Heroes decide to remain together temporary when the city becomes invaded by Gordanians, they eventually find Starfire at a video store where she explains the situation and are soon attacked by the Gordanians.

Rob Star

Robin and Starfire fighting.

During the fight, Starfire almost gets herself captured again, but is saved for the first time by Robin. With the fight having ended and the Gordanians retreating they suddenly hear a message from their leader threatening all their lives since they interfered. Starfire blames Robin as she told him to stay away from her. Robin however then becomes mad at her as he states "My fault?! You blast me, you kiss me, but you never stop to mention that they have a gigantic particle weapon?!". The fighting eventually stops and the Heroes again resume their fight against the Gordians to stop them from destroying the city by sneaking into their ship.

RobxStar (2)

Robin and Starfire begin to develop feelings for each other.

Once they are inside the ship, the Titans go to look for the Control Room. While searching for the room, Robin and Starfire share a private moment where they both apologize to each other for the fight they had earlier. Starfire claims that on Tameran the only person to ever show her kindness was her guardian and Robin explains to her that things on Earth are very different and for a brief moment they both look into each other's eyes as if they are the only people there, thus they share their first romantic moment together and it's revealed that this is the very moment where Robin and Starfire first developed their romantic feelings for each other. However, they are interrupted by Beast Boy who then alerts them to the arrival of Gordanian's.

RobxStar (1)

The Start of Something New for Robin and Starfire.

Later on, long after they won the fight against the Gordanian's, the Heroes are standing on an island just off the coast of Jump City and Starfire appears to them no longer wearing her prison outfit, but now wears clothing from her own world. Robin comes forward and says that he still doesn't know her name and she then explains that in their language she is called Starfire. Robin gives Starfire a formal welcome to Earth. Starfire thanks the Heroes for their bravery and help and wishes if she could remain here on Earth with them and says that even though the people appear strange to her she admits they are also very kind. Starfire and Robin start blushing from her comment knowing very well that she meant that she is also thanking Robin for the kindess that he has shown her the time she has spent on Earth so far. This marks as the beginning of not only of the Teen Titans, but also the beginning of a beautiful relationship that will someday blossom between Robin and Starfire.

Starfire and Robin's feelings for each other having been growing for a long time and eventually the two of them end up falling deeply in love. Even though they are both afraid to confess their feelings there have been a few times where they have tried to confess their love, but many things such their friends interrupting, being dragged away or some other mishap have caused their feelings to still be unknown to the other. However their feelings would not remain hidden forever and eventually the two of them would finally confess their love by the end of the series.


Robin and Starfire in the series finale Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo

In the movie Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, it not only served as the series finale to the show, but it also served as a vital part in the growing relationship between Robin and Starfire. At the beginning when the Titans are chasing after the villain Saico-Tek, he attacks Starfire and makes her fall out of the sky, but luckily Robin saves her when he grabs her hand and they both ride on his R-Cycle together to catch Saico-Tek.

When the Titans first arrive in Tokyo they have some trouble with the language since non of them are able to speak Japanese. However, Starfire claims that she might be able to help and to the shock and surprise of her friends she suddenly grabs a boy off the street and kisses him. Out of all the Titans, Robin is more shocked and surprised than anyone and he becomes very jealous that Starfire kissed the boy just so that she could learn to speak Japanese, Robin also seems to realize that the reason why Starfire kissed him when they first met was just so she could learn to speak English, which makes more upset. When the Titans decide to explore Tokyo separately, Starfire and Robin go to explore Tokyo together where they watch a sumo-wrestling match, go on a boat ride ride through sakura trees and finally go to an arcade.

They then later retreat to the rooftop of the Tokyo Tower, while there Starfire mentions about the kiss she shared with the boy earlier, while also discussing the kiss they shared with each other on the day they first met. They start to discuss the topic and its uses on Tamaran and Earth. Where on Tameran it is merely a way for a Tamarean to learn a new language, but now Starfire has now learned that on Earth it means much "more".

So Close

Robin and Starfire attempting to have their first real kiss

Robin and Starfire then start to get more comfortable about the subject and they finally start to express their true feelings for each other. Just as they are about to share their first true kiss together, Robin backs away at the last moment just having discovered a new thought about Brushogun. Robin then states that they are heroes and that there is nothing more between them. This greatly upsets Starfire and she flies away crying.

Later on, Starfire is seen in front a store watching two robot mice kiss each other, making her depressed. A little girl comes up to her and tries to ask what's wrong. Starfire says that everything is fine but as the girl leaves Starfire starts to follow her and finally admits that she has had feelings for Robin ever since the day the two of them first met. Starfire then starts to say that maybe she was foolish to think such things, to think there was anything between her and Robin. The little girl then gives her a hopeful smile and Starfire finally realizes that there has always been something more special between her and Robin and that she won't give up on them.

When Robin goes into hiding to avoid being captured by Commander Daizo and the Tokyo Troopers, he takes on the disguise as a mugger and goes to find information about Brushogun. However he is soon discovered by them and Robin gets into a car chase. Robin almost gets himself captured again, but thankfully Starfire saves Robin and the both fly off together to a secret hideout.


Robin and Stafire's first real kiss

While there Starfire explains to Robin about the current situation and gives him a fresh copy of his uniform. Starfire is about to leave, but Robin grabs her arm just before she goes. They both share another tender moment and attempt to kiss again, but are interrupted by the arrival of Beast Boy and the other Titans who barge in on them.

When they defeat Commander Daizo, Robin then tries to reveal his true and strong romantic feelings for Starfire but getting the message she silences him by simply saying "Robin stop talking" and they finally share their real kiss. In the end, Robin and Starfire are seen holding hands and become a couple.



Raven and Starfire meditating together

Raven did not take such a liking to Starfire once she became part of the team. It was the same for Starfire. She never truly understood Raven, and so she did not connect with her very well. Starfire attempted to connect with Raven more, but Raven shot her down. 

When they accidentally switched bodies with one another, they discover more about each other and finally, Raven learns to respect Starfire and her optimism, just as Starfire has accepted Raven and her gloominess.[2] After that, Raven and Starfire are seen meditating together and they hang out when the boys are together. Sometimes, if Starfire is worried about a girl thing, she talks to Raven[3] and tells her about her newly-found pimple. One thing the two have in common is that they both fawned over Aqualad together.[4] In some battles, Starfire and Raven combine their powers. They do this again to stop the Brotherhood of Evil.[5][6] Despite their rocky start at the beginning and their different traits, the girls have become close friends.

Beast Boy


Beast Boy reconciles with Starfire for pranking her.

Just as Cyborg serves as an older brother to Starfire, Beast Boy tends to act as her younger brother. He sometimes oversteps himself by taking his pranks too far and being insensitive about matters that are serious to Starfire, but the two are very close and trust each other in battle. Beast Boy has learned good things from Starfire. One time, Beast Boy plans to get the dirt on Cyborg for pranking him, by throwing an oil balloon in Cyborg's face. When the balloon accidentally hits Starfire, an angry Starfire chooses to ignore Beast Boy. They soon reunite. Beast Boy realizes that Starfire taught him to be a good person.[7] Starfire laughs at most of Beast Boy's jokes, even though they aren't funny and she doesn't get the majority of them, but they remain family, and Starfire is the first person of choice Beast Boy would entrust a very delicate secret to. Beast Boy also trusts Starfire enough to help hide his secret pet Silkie from the other Titans, and it is during this episode she forms her maternal bond to Silkie.


Starfire and Future Cyborg

Starfire reunites with future Cyborg, who has deeply missed her.

Next to Robin, Cyborg is the one Starfire confides the most in. For example, he was the first to find out the true meaning behind the word "Troq," which is what their ally Val Yor called her, telling her she was inferior. In that same episode, Cyborg is shown to know just what to say to make Starfire feel better. Cyborg is also the one who makes the most remarks about Robin's romantic feelings for Starfire, most notably when he called her Robin's girlfriend in Stranded. And when Starfire and Robin had their first real kiss, Cyborg expressed his approval, saying, "Well, it's about time". The two of them are very social with each other, as seen in Overdrive, where Cyborg is shown to be lifting weights with Starfire and when he decides to learn Tamaranean from her.

Another episode showing their close friendship was Deception, where Cyborg was sent to infiltrate the H.I.V.E. academy by using a hologram to disguise himself. Prior to his departure, Starfire came to say goodbye to him in his room, where he was admiring the hologram. Here she concedes how much the hologram impresses her, but prefers the original version better, meaning the way she has always known him. After the mission was over, she visits him again, where he is sadly taking off the hologram. When he talks about how much he misses being normal, Starfire shows her ability to cheer people up by saying, "I did not know you before, so to me, you are normal," which made Cyborg feel better, until he had to endure Titans' re-initiation ceremony to come back into the team. Another episode where Cyborg is positively encouraged by Starfire is the adventure in How Long is Forever? where, Starfire was accidentally sent twenty years into the future during a fight with the time traveler Warp. Making her to Titan's Tower, she found Cyborg in disrepair, but he still told her where to find Beast Boy and Raven. Later, when he receives Nightwing's distress signal, he chooses to help his old friend return back to the past. Overall, apart from the many villains they have to fight, little has been done to interfere with their friendship.


Starfire and blackfire fighting

Starfire and Blackfire fighting for the Crown.

Blackfire, Starfire's big sister, dislikes Starfire due to the fact that Starfire dethroned her on Tamaran, and left the crown to Galfore (her adoptive father). Blackfire always challenged her to fights and believes herself to be better than Starfire in everything, yet Starfire has defeated her several times. After that, she was sent into exile. Yet Starfire, being the forgiving person that she is, always seems willing to make peace with her no matter how many times Blackfire has wronged her.

Blackfire hired Madame Rouge to kill Starfire by masquerading as their long-lost younger brother, Wildfire. This attack ultimately failed and Starfire finally snapped. Deeply, emotionally hurt that Blackfire resorted to staging their lost brother's "return" for the mere sake of revenge, Starfire went to Blackfire's prison and declared that she and Blackfire were no longer sisters, and vows that she will find Wildfire.


Tumblr m74eojUNBF1qa11vg

Starfire hugging Terra

When they first met, Starfire became instant friends with Terra, similarly to Beast Boy, and would often compete with him to hang out with or hug Terra. Starfire becomes hurt and angry after Terra betrays them to Slade, but does not realize at first. She blames herself when she allows Terra to trick her into believing that she is hurt, and thus allowing Terra to have a slight advantage. Starfire attempts to drop all remorse for Terra when Terra knocks her off a cliff with a boulder, but still shows concern for her after she flees a fight with the Titans, stating "she seems quite scared". But this may be a slight victory statement. Finally, when Terra overcomes her devotion to Slade and destroys him in molten lava, but subsequently turns to stone while trying to stop a volcano from erupting, Starfire is saddened, but proud of Terra's heroic sacrifice. She brings flowers to Terra's memorial/grave. Like the other Titans, Starfire is confused about whether or not Terra has truly returned.

Red Star

After receiving a distress signal from Siberia, Starfire and the other Titans arrived to find a destroyed city. After exploring and searching for survivors, they learned from the locals that one of their own people was responsible for the destruction. During a search for the outcast in the T-Ship, Starfire and the Titans got attacked by a mysterious creature. After scanning the creature, Cyborg informed the others that the creature was giving off radiation levels that were off the scale, which was dangerous to all except Starfire, who was naturally immune to radiation. When the creature fled, Starfire chased after it in a blizzard; ultimately, the creature escaped and Starfire collapsed in the snow due to the cold. Fortunately, she was found and brought to safety by Red Star, who took her into the safety of his home. When Starfire woke up, she discovered that Red Star was not holding her prisoner. Instead, he was isolating himself from her because of a power he had inside him, but finally allowed Starfire to speak to him when she told him of the resilience of her people. After talking about the creature, Starfire learned that Red Star was not the creature she was looking for, but he was being blamed for the destruction it was causing.

However, because Red Star had little control of his power, he was prevented from trying to clear his name. Despite this setback, he was willing to let Starfire pursue the creature. As she was preparing to leave, Starfire found the other Titans and introduced them to Red Star, to whom she assured she owed her life to, though Red Star was modest. After explaining how he got his powers through a military experiment, the radiation monster attacked, in which Red Star displayed his power against the creature. Unfortunately, he was unable to stop the creature from amplifying its power with some of the canisters Red Star used to shed his power. Despite his guilty feelings, Starfire encouraged Red Star to embrace his power and help them fight the creature, to which he agreed and was made an Honorary Titan. When they returned to the city and the people tried to make Red Star leaved, Starfire refused to let him go, reminding the general that Red Star was not the only one to bear blame for the creature's existence. Before leaving to fight the creature, the general encouraged Red Star to do his best.

In the end, the creature lost control of the extra power it had obtained and was destroyed by Red Star. However, Red Star's power had reached high levels of power, requesting that Starfire take him to space to discharge himself, assuring her that he would no longer have to worry about being alone since he would no longer be shunned by his people. After he had discharged his power, Robin told Starfire he was proud of her for what she did for her. In response, she said she believed he would return the favor some day, which he did by helping defeat the Brotherhood of Evil.

Powers and Abilities

1068090622 nStarfire2

Starfire's bright green-colored Starbolt

All of Starfire's powers are native to her Tamaranean species. Though outwardly humanoid in appearance, she has several biological differences, like having nine stomachs, and very pale orange skin.[8]Starfire's powers are tied to her emotional states, and generally can only be triggered when a specific emotion is focused on; because of this, her powers can be weakened or compromised when she is in emotional turmoil, like when she lost her ability to fly due to depression.[9] Lip-to-lip contact enables Starfire to assimilate language, which gives her current fluency in English and Japanese. She can also breathe and move normally in space. Her eyes often glow green when using her powers and a chiming or ringing sound is also heard.

Tamaranean Physiology: Starfire has superhuman strength, considerably greater than Cyborg's; this ability is triggered by boundless confidence. She can shake part of a city by slamming her fists on the ground, and can lift extremely heavy weights. Starfire has demonstrated moderate invulnerability to physical harm, heat, cold, and radiation[10]. When Robin smacked her with his staff, it completely shattered, and she was immune to Red Star's nuclear aura.[11]Starfire also has the ability to survive in the vacuum of space without protection or survival gear (including any breathing apparatus). After being smashed into a car, she demonstrated accelerated healing by simply cracking her neck to rid the pain in her back.[12]Although not as agile as Robin, she has shown incredible superhuman agility, seen doing back flips and aerial maneuvers, as well as running up a vertical building while dodging Thunder's bolts of thunder.[13]

Energy Projection: Starfire can project bright green-colored energy from her hands, activated by righteous fury. She mainly discharges circular bolts of pure radioactive energy, called starbolts. Her starbolts produce both thermal and explosive results on contact, and are usually launched as thrown projectiles. However, she has also been shown to shoot this energy in the form of large beams from her hands. Starfire can augment the effectiveness of her punches by surrounding her hands in energy, and can also use this method to weld or carefully burn through obstacles with contact from her hands. On rare occasions, Starfire has been known to release from her entire body an omnidirectional blast of energy, which can destroy most of everything around her in a very wide perimeter, or act as a temporary defensive barrier.[14][15]

  • Laser-Eye Beams: After going through the Tamaranean version of puberty (a process referred to as "the Transformation"), Starfire gained the ability to discharge energy from her eyes. Though not as destructive as her regular starbolts, these beams can be fired continuously in a steady stream, and are more precise. They also give her the element of surprise for when her hands are restrained.
  • Arial Flight: By feeling unbridled joy, Starfire can achieve wingless flight on her own willpower. In space, she can travel at nearly light speed, and her strength is not diminished when airborne.
  • Radiation Immunity: Starfire is naturally immune and resistant to radiation, as stated in Snowblind.
  • Superhuman Agility & Enhanced Reflexes: As a Tamaranean, Starfire possesses highly advanced agility endurance, durability, reflexes and stamina tenfold. Her natural fighting skills are much greater when in conjunction with her superhuman reflexes, durability, and agility. She is able to remain awake and battle for several hours on end.

Starfire's Power

Starfire's extremely stronger starbolt blast in The End, Part One.

Other Skills

Due to the war-like nature of her home planet, Starfire is well trained in the martial arts of hand-to-hand combat and unarmed combat. She is an expert in high-levels of Tamaranean martial arts, and was skilled enough to take down numerous Gordanian soldiers while her upper body was bound. She is also versed in some weaponry, using a shortbow and arrow at one point with little effort.[16]


Like all Tamaraneans. she is not immune to her own energy blasts

Starfire, like many Tamaraneans, is allergic to metallic chromium. It gives her flu-like symptoms, and when she sneezes, she unleashes explosive starbolts out of her nose and mouth. Also, her powers are largely affected by how she feels, as Robin learns; if she is feeling down or confused, her abilities become severely diminished.

Using her self-sustenance and resistance to extreme temperatures takes a lot of energy so she can't survive forever in space. She also does need to breathe though her self-sustenance can delay that for a while.

Because she is so naive, it is easy for several people to take advantage of or betray Starfire, as seen in the episode Transformation, where Starfire is lured into a trap and almost eaten by a hungry alien.

Although few have exploited it, Starfire's relationship with Robin can be counted as a weakness. Once, it was inadvertently exploited by Killer Moth when he wanted Robin to take Kitten to prom, which angered Starfire beyond rational thought other than to protect Robin.

Episode Appearances

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Starfire's Gallery

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Starfire Bumper


  • Starfire appears in a total of sixty-three episodes of the series; one of which she does not speak. In addition, she appears in the Teen Titans movie, Trouble in Tokyo, and all video games based on the series.
  • Starfire's outfit is fairly different from her comic counterpart, being much less revealing in consideration of the younger audience. It is changed to a purple two-piece attire instead of a strap brassiere.
  • Starfire is more modest and kinder than her mainstream comic counterpart.
  • In all her appearances Starfire is animated without a navel, even though her animation sheet shows her with one.
  • In the episode Mother Mae-Eye, Starfire stated she has 9 stomachs, which may explain why she eats so much.
  • Her real name (Koriand'r) is said by Galfore in the episode Betrothed when they are yelling at each other in Tamaranean, although it can be hard to catch if you're not specifically listening for it.
  • In the comics, Tamaraneans could learn language through any physical contact (not just the lips), but Starfire had a personal preference for kissing. However in Teen Titans she can only do so via oral contact.
  • Starfire is the most gullible out of the Teen Titans. She is also the most easily scared as she is the one who screams the most.
  • Although she was freed from the clutches of the Gordanians and the Citadel, her memories of her imprisonment still haunt her: upon seeing The Creature from Jones Lake, she screams in terror--possibly due to its resemblance to a Citadelian.
  • It is speculated that, had it been produced and aired before the series' cancellation, the sixth season would've focused on Starfire. As the previous five had focused on Robin, Terra, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy respectively, it would follow that her focus would have been of her own limitations (her adoption of Earth and not being human).
  • Starfire is allergic to metallic chromium, also allergies to chromium are very common in Tamaran. It could be possible that Blackfire is allergic to it as well.
  • Starfire has shown that she has a lot of wisdom, most notably in Snowblind, when she got Red Star to embrace his powers. She has also taught lessons to both Cyborg and Beast Boy in the episodes Forces of Nature and Deception.
  • There have been times where Starfire uses her lack of understanding Earth customs and strange habits to her advantage. For example, in Can I Keep Him?, when she was hiding Silkie, and Cyborg and Raven came to call, Raven saw that one of Starfire's curtains was torn. When asked about it, Starfire lied and said it was her people's festival of berating drapery and proceeded to destroy the rest of her curtains. Later in that same episode, Starfire was looking for Silkie and ran into Robin, who asked her if she had seen the sofa, which had been eaten by Silkie. Fortunately for Starfire, she was able to act like she didn't know what a sofa was and left.


  • I did not know you before, so to me, you are normal.-Deception
  • Never have I been so thankful to have nine stomachs.-Mother Mae-Eye
  • I had no idea Earth people ate so many pigs, and insects.-Fear Itself
  • If I am not your girlfriend, then what am I?-Stranded
  • The greater the struggle against your power, the more it resists. Embrace what you have inside, let it become you, and you will find who you were meant to be.-Snowblind
  • Please, no more Robin yelling at Robin.-Fractured
  • We are your friends, Robin. We are not leaving without you.-Apprentice II
  • Raven is complicated. There are things about her we are not meant to understand.-Nevermore
  • I wish to go the fish?-Winner Take All
  • Hello, my little bungorf.-Can I Keep Him?
  • Farewell, Sister. Although you did betray and attack, it was still very nice to see you.-Sisters
  • I am hopeful when this is over we may still be friends.-Titans East II
  • Someone has disposed of all our blue, furry food.-Final Exam
  • Yes, next time I will choose my own husband. Who is to know? Perhaps there is a groom for me on Earth.-Betrothed
  • Kick the butt!-Only Human
  • The lesson two! We never give up!-Titans Together
  • Robin! You are unwrinkled!-Revolution
  • This prom is some manner of duel, yes? Robin eagerly accepts!-Date With Destiny
  • You may be the ruler of this planet, but you are not the ruler of me!-Betrothed
  • Robin, stop talking.-Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo


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