Spellbound a

Cyborg holding the Stank Ball

 The Stank Ball was a sphere made out of dirty socks and other pieces of unclean cloth used to play the game, Stank Ball.

The Stank Ball


The Stank Ball was created by Cyborg and Beast Boy. Made out of filthy clothing with a green colouring, it can be presumed that this "ball" was made out of Beast Boy's unwashed laundry. It also had a pungent aroma that was so unappealing you could see it steaming off of the toy.

The Game of Stank Ball


This game, along with its equipment, was invented by Beast Boy and Cyborg. The sport was played inside of Titans Tower.


The rules and goals of this game are not clear, but it took at least two players (but could still work with three) and, according to Beast Boy, you needed a referee for the "lightning round." The game involved throwing the Stank Ball at opposing players to try and hit them.

There was a newer version of the beloved game, renamed "Extreme Stank Ball," that made it's appearance in The End - Part 1 when Cyborg holds up a "ball" similar to the one first shown in Spellbound and asks if any of his teammates are "up for a game". It is unknown what sort of variation "Extreme Stank Ball" entails, as the Titans had no time to play it, and the audience never got to see what the original game consisted of. No mention of either game is made later in the series.


This game had three contestants during its first appearance:


While Raven was reading a long and appealing book, she was repeatedly

Raven playing Stank Ball

interrupted by her friends. Her most annoying interruption was introduced by Beast Boy and Cyborg, who pleaded with her to play Stank Ball with them; they even offered to just let her be referee. Furious about being stopped in her reading again, she strongly refuses and demands they go away. Later, after defeating Malchior, Raven realizes she is not alone and that her friends truly do care about her, so she eases up a little bit and joins the two boys in a game of Stank Ball, chasing after them with the dreadful item.

A different version of the game, renamed "Extreme Stank Ball," was suggested by Cyborg to be played during the Titan's walk through the park (The End - Part 1). Raven happily agreed, much to the distress of her fellow Titans.

The game is not mentioned any further in the series.



Although it was only shown once in the series, we can still determine an overall leaderboard for Stank Ball.

  • Cyborg: 1
  • Raven: 1
  • Beast Boy: 0

Currently, Cyborg and Raven tie for first place with one point each. Technically speaking, Raven can be seen as the winner of the first match of Stank Ball, as both Beast Boy and Cyborg were knocked out at the end of Spellbound, so it could run on a basis of a last-one standing kind of rule.

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