( There were fireworks popping while Starfire and Robin are on a ferris wheel )

Starfire: Huhh... Beautiful, tell me again what they are called.

Robin: Fireworks.

Starfire: On my home planet such explosions would mean the Gordanians were attacking. You are certain earth is not under attack?

Robin: Positive. Cotton candy?

Starfire: The last time I ate a ball of cotton it was white and it did not taste very.....

Robin: This is different.

( Robin ate some cotton candy and gives some to Starfire. Starfire eats the cotton candy. )

Starfire: Hmmm... Oh! It vanished!

Robin: Hahaha, yeah it will do that.

Starfire: When I first came to this planet I did not think I would ever fit in. Earth was full of strange things, but now I see that....

Robin: Here comes the finale, YEAH!

( Beautiful and big fireworks were popping all over the night sky )

Robin: Wooo! Hahaha! Yeah! Amazing!

Starfire: Earth is full of amazing things too...

Robin: Best planet I've ever been to.

( Starfire is grabbed by an weird alien )

Starfire: Ahhhh!!!!

Robin: Starfire!

- Theme Song -

Starfire: Wherever you are taking me I do not wish to go! * Blast Starbolts *

( Starfire break free but the alien is still catching her. While Cyborg and Beast Boy are playing at the carnival with Raven )

BB: Hahaha!!!

Cyborg: Booyah!

BB: Sweet! Told you we'd win you a prize...

Raven: A giant chicken, I must be the luckiest girl in the world.

( Robin appears at the place where BB,Cyborg and Raven are )

Robin: Titans trouble!

Cyborg: Where's Starfire?

Robin: That's the trouble.

( Raven throws the chicken away and run with the others. Starfire was flying away but the alien is still catching her )

Starfire: Huhhh!!!! * blast starbolts twice * No more chasing now please...

( Starfire ran over to the team but the alien is still trying to catch her )

BB: Who's her new best friend?

Robin: Don't know but I can't wait to meet him.

( Starfire went to her team then BB turned into an alligator and tries to eat it but failed while raven throw the Hotdog Cart but still failed but Cyborg grabbed it )

Cyborg: Don't know what you did to make this thing mad Star but, could you apologize?

Starfire: I am sorry.

( The alien break free from Cyborg while Robin grabbed his staff and hit the alien )

BB: So, did we just win?

( The alien rise again but Robin ride into it )

Robin: Don't have an off switch so I guess I have to make one.

( Robin punches the machine part of the alien and cut it's parts. The machine blow up into the sky. )

Robin: Whatever that thing was, it can't hurt you now.

Starfire: But why did it wish to hurt me at all?

( Back to the Titans Tower )

Starfire: Come friends, I shall thank you all for my rescue by reciting the Poem of Gratitude, all 6,000 verses.

( Awkward silence )


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