Quote1 Don't go away! Don't go away! Don't go away! Shalla! Quote2
Shallas, to Raven[src]

Shallas are members of a diminutive and benevolent alien race.


Stranded d2

The Shallas treat Raven like a queen.

Shallas are denizens of an unknown alien planet on which the Teen Titans get stranded. Shallas are approximately six inches in size and have a basically humanoid form. Their heads are oval and feature a pair of pink eyes and two mandibles or mustaches. They tend to dress in orange garments

Little is known about the Shalla's culture and grade of civilization. However, it appears that the Shallas are forest dwellers, vegetarians, and very hospitable and pacifistic, though they tend to be pushy in their cordiality (as Raven found out to her initial disgust). It is perhaps their concept of politeness that they repeat the last word(s) of their intended guest, followed by their trademark exclamation "Shalla!".