Quote1 The fastest car in town, and she's totally ours! Quote2

Sammy and Cash are two juvenile delinquents and enemies of sorts of Cyborg.


Sammy and Cash were two greasers teenagers who fancied themselves to be the coolest guys in the city. When Cyborg happened to park the newly-built T-Car in their sights and went off with his teammates to face Overload, the two fancied that riding the car would be the coolest thing that they could do, so they promptly nabbed it and took it for a race on the notorious track Crash Alley. A tiny car was their only competition, but unexpectedly proved tough going until they hit the car's nitro booster, thus winning the race. Unfortunately, their opponent was Gizmo, who lost no time nabbing the car for himself and imprisoning the two in a force field. Cyborg soon showed up and began questioning them. Despite their high hopes, after learning from them that his car had changed owners again, he stuffed them back into the force field for the police to pick them up much to their dismay.

Somehow, the two managed to escape the field once Cyborg had gone to find Gizmo, and were bragging about it to a waitress at the local burger drive-in. Unfortunately yet again, Cyborg was there too, along with Raven, who imprisoned the two in another force field (this time formed from her dark powers) and left them for the police. In return for stealing his car, Cyborg appropriated theirs to chase down Gizmo. Later on, after the chase was completed, Gizmo and Overload joined Sammy and Cash in their prison transport.


Sammy and Cash are skilled car thieves and drivers.