The Radiation Monster was a radioactive monster accidentally created by a leak of Red Star's radioactive energy in Russia. It was eventually defeated by being overloaded by radiation energy


The Radiation Monster was created by a leak in Red Star's collection of radiation-like energy, located in Russia, that he emitted every day. The monster wrecked havoc in the villages near Red Star's prison-like home, and Red Star, who had cause havoc in one village, was blamed for these attacks.

When the core Teen Titans group was called to that one village to investigate, Red Star was blamed for the monster's chaos. The Titans and Red Star teamed up against the monster.

During their second battle with the creature, the monster absorbed some of Red Star's radiation tubes, which deeply increased his power.

During their final showdown with the monster, the monster exploded due to it's high level of radiation in it's system.

The Radiation Monster is currently deceased.


At first, the Radiation Monster appeared to be a collection of energy in the shape of a human. After it absorbed some of Red Star's radiation tubes, it became a hulking monster in the shape of a two-legged, two-limbed blob.

Powers and Abilities

  • Energy Construct/Manipulation: The Radiation Monster was able to use radiation-based powers to emit a red energy that it could construct.
  • Radiation Immunity: The Radiation Monster is immune to the effects of radiation on humans.
  • Shape-shifting: The Radiation Monster is able to change his shape at will, notably when it became a blob-like monster during the Titans' second battle with the monster.