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Overload in Car Trouble

Overload is a monster composed of electricity who possesses artificial intelligence. He is an enemy of the Teen Titans.


Overload appears to be an artificial intelligence gone rogue. By some means he acquired the ability to absorb and control electricity, enabling him to form a body composed of electrically charged particles. The heartpiece of Overload consists of a computer circuit card housing his intelligence and persona.

Overload first met the Teen Titans when he raided Cook's Electronics store and drained the merchandise of its power. Cyborg found out that the electric villain was vulnerable to water, and the Titans used any water-conducting facilities in the store to bring Overload down, but as they left the store, Cyborg discovered to his dismay that his newly-built T-Car had been stolen, and took off immediately to recover it. After delivering Overload to the Jump City Police, the Titans split up to aid Cyborg in his search. With Raven's assistance, Cyborg managed to find his car, which had at that time been appropriated by Gizmo, but as ill luck would have it, the T-Car crashed into the very prison transport which was delivering Overload to jail. Overload lost no time taking over the T-Car, confident in the belief that Cyborg would not allow his precious car to be destroyed. However, Cyborg did bring up the courage, and Overload ended up stunned inside a new transport, with Gizmo and the car's initial thieves, Sammy and Cash, for company.

Later on, after he had made Terra his apprentice, Slade recruited Overload, along with Cinderblock and Plasmus, to set up a trap for the Titans. Slade's neural interface allowed Overload to be at the height of his fighting potential, but Raven managed to subdue him shortly before Terra began her ambush.

Later, Slade fused him, Plasmus and Cinderblock, into the form of an even worse elemental creature named Ternion. Following Slade's defeat at the hands of Terra, however, Ternion was later defused, and its component members went separate ways.

Some time afterwards, Overload was recruited into the Brotherhood of Evil and participated in the capture of Honorary Titans Thunder and Lightning alongside I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R. and Steamroller. However, when the remaining Titans regrouped and attacked the Brotherhood's base, Overload was defeated by Killowat, who absorbed his electric body, leaving only the circuit card.

Powers and abilities

Overload has the ability to absorb and shape electricity. The most common manifestation of this power is his electric, roughly humanoid body, with the circuit card as its face and heart. He can also take over, control and enhance all sorts of electrical devices.

However, his electrical nature also makes Overload highly vulnerable to water. While it does not short-circuit him, it does diminish his power, rendering him eventually helpless if enough water is applied.


Teen Titans

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Season 5

Teen Titans Go!


  • Overload is very similar to Marvel comics character, Zzzax, who is also a being composed of electricity.
  • Overload only spoke in one episode, which was "Car Trouble" however in "Aftershock part 1" he gets a voice actor, but he doesn't speak, he only makes vocal sounds. This could be due to his voice box being after he was switched off in his first appearance by Cyborg, but in his last appearance he gets it fixed but he doesn't talk he only grunts when Kilowatt drained out his electricity.

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