The Orange Aliens are small orange aliens that live on a minature planet (possibly Pluto) that not a single person (like Starfire) has enough room. They are armless, but have long legs with a patch of orange fur on them and they have large heads and they resemble fish. They are seen in Troq and Transformation. In Troq, they are known to be creatures that were attacked by a group of Locrix. In Transformation, they told Starfire to leave their planet. While searching for Starfire, Robin, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy visit the small orange planet and several orange aliens were on them and the Titans use Beast Boy again by using his neck to tell where Starfire left and one of aliens was using its foot and pointing the direction where Starfire went but they appeared in Troq in a picture as they were running from their attackers when Val-Yor showed the Teen Titans pictures of aliens that have been attacked.