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One-On-One is an online Cartoon Network game. Click here to play this game.





  • Robin vs. Red X - Use the mouse to move Robin and click on the left button of the mouse to shoot. If you crash into a car, get hit by any of the minions' weapons or crash into them, Robin will take damage. The boss level shows Robin faces Red X on five hover boards (that will take a lot more hits). They'll shoot fire, while Red X throws his weapons.
  • Starfire vs. Mumbo - Use your mouse to move Starfire and click on the left button of the mouse to release a huge starbolt blast and press it rapidly for her to shoot several starbolts. If Starfire gets hit by any magical items and Mumbo's fire blasts, she will take damage. The boss level will show Mumbo flying with his magic wand. He will blast fireballs that will temporarily follow Starfire.
  • Cyborg vs. Atlas - Use your mouse to move Cyborg and press the left button on the mouse to shoot sonic blasts. If Cyborg gets hit by any exploding objects, hit by sharp blades, or smashed by Atlas' punch, he'll take damage. The boss level shows Atlas on hovercraft and will jump down to punch Cyborg.
  • Raven vs. Overload - Use the mouse to move Raven and click on the left button to catch a large rock and hit it either on an electric machine or another rock. If Raven either bumps into a rock, an electric machine, or dodging the objects (which will fall on the innocent people on the street), she'll take damage. The boss level shows Overload on top of the skyscraper and will throw various rocks at Raven. There are some water bottles that is Overload's weakness.
  • Beast Boy vs. Mad Mod - Use the arrow keys to move Beast Boy. Use the up arrow key for Beast Boy to jump. Press 1 for him to change back to human to activate machines that open passage ways. Press 2 for him to transform into a cheetah and knock down giant robots. Press 3 for him to transform into a falcon to fly. If you touch fire, giant robots, or touch explosive mines, Beast Boy will take damage. The final level will show Beast Boy turning into a cheetah and jumping on Mad Mod.


  • A Teen Titans Go! version of the game was also made, with each of the Titans having the exact same gameplay, only facing different enemies and different artstyle.

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