Moon Knight

Moon knight inline


Real Name

Crystal Loud


Lucky  Slow-poke (Kid Flash)  Moon (Kid Flash)

Place of Origin


Residence  Jump City

                               ==Charater information ==


Cold,caculating, kind hearted, Funny, understanding, friendly,, adorable, smart. Optimistic, good-natured, inventive, naive, wise serious, dark , stern, stressful, 




Dark Way Prep  Junior H.I.V.E. Academy  H.I.V.E. Academy  H.I.V.E. Five (formerly)  Brotherhood of Evil (formerly)  Teen Titans


Kid Flash (friend)  Teen Titans  Gizmo (formerly)  Mammoth (formerly)  H.I.V.E. Five Members (formerly)


Rex and June Loud 

Powers & Abilities

Sorcery and hexes  Manipulating the probability of bad luck (Probability Control)  Advanced gymnastic skills  Master acrobat  Enhanced agility  Skilled hand-to-hand combatant and moon light


Swords, Guns


  • Listening to music
  • Martial arts
  • Spending time with his friends/teammates
  • Sunrises
  • Video games
  • Working out
  • Spending time with Jinx
  • Fighting    
  • Bening a Winner 
  • Being Happy
  • Cheese
  • Inventing 


  • Being taken for a fool
  • Being called a Kid 
  • Failing missions
  • Losing battles
  • Any guy flirting with Jinx
  • His friends in danger
  • Robin
  • Jinx Sad
  • Gizmo's temper 

First Appearance

Final Exam ===Voiced By=== Teresa Gallagher for most episodes); Tara Strong (for Titans Together)  Tamara Zsigmond, Bea Vadász (Season 4) (Hungarian)

Physical Appearance

Moon Knight has a white cloak simailler to raven's with a moon cloak on it he has bat like gauntlets on his arms has a untily belt and also has blue eyes in his cloak and bat like boots and without the hood he has long blue hair that covers half of his face with white skin and jinx like eyes


====Moon Knights overall personality would be considered as cold and calculating, with logic as its fundamental basis. Befitting a double agent, Moon Knight is highly secretive and fearful of detection. Befitting a villain, he can confidently give those secrets away if he thinks he's winning. If he suspects his cover may be compromised, he's given to acts of desperation. His loyalty toward Gizmo is without question, but Moon Knight has kept to logic as his sense for reason, despite the fact that he even challenge or talks through curiosity about the logic of his leader's decisions. Dispite his side he has a kind hearted villain he cares deeply for his team, Unfortunately, Moon also suffers from a tremendous amount of emotional stress because of his many duties. he is also quite strict  and sometimes has extremely nasty temper issues when upset sometimes. But dispite his anger he has very unhappy moments when he's sad his clock falls flat and has a soft voice too and cries with ocular gushers. but he has a good heart.

Weapons and Abilites

Moon Knights weapon abilites has using a sword and using weapons like guns and claws in his belt but gains moon powers to enance his body.


He is Played By Teresa Gallagher from the amazing world of gumball. 

Moon Knights favorite food is cheese and blueberry pie 

Moon Knight is the one of the few villains to have redemption and become a hero.

Moon knight is one of the villains to have a soft hearted but kind


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