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Silkie is one of the several thousand mutant moth larvae created by Killer Moth who later became the Teen Titans' official pet/mascot. Silkie was created as Larva M3-19 by Killer Moth for use in an army of giant mutant moths to overthrow and dominate Jump City. The plan failed spectacularly, and upon the destruction of the moth control device by Robin, all the mutant moths reverted from adult into larva state. Taken by their cuteness, Beast Boy decided to keep one as a pet, but since the other Titans would not approve, he did so secretly. This went well until the Titans returned from a clash with Johnny Rancid to find Ops in shambles. Cornered, Beast Boy decided to confide in Starfire and entrusted the larva, whom he had named Silkie, into her care until the Titans' search for the culprit was completed. Starfire took an immediate affection to Silkie and agreed to take care of him. Silkie has resided in the Titans Tower as the Titans' official pet and mascot ever since. (Read More...)

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Inappropriate Images

After a lengthy round of deleting, I'm making an announcement here about what images are and aren't allowed. Screencaps, comic scans and other official images are perfectly okay, as long as they're from Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! Images from other comics are not acceptable (excepting when they're used to illustrate a point about the Teen Titans iteration of the character), nor are images from other DC cartoons; this is, after all, a Teen Titans wiki. In addition, drawings, photoshops, or any other type of fanmade images have no place here whatsoever. Please keep these rules in mind in the future, as admins will start handing out punishment from here on out.

Young Justice TV Series

Coming to Cartoon Network later this year is a animated TV series based on the popular DC comic "Young Justice", a Teen Titans-like group of younger superheroes. Once it starts up, feel free to add to their wiki page.

Teen Titans Is Back On Boomerang!

Don't Forget To Watch!

Teen Titans is re-running on Boomerang, with lots of support and viewers there is the possibility for a next series (we hope). As they will see there is high interest for the show! "Cartoon Network's sister channel Boomerang will begin airing episodes of Teen Titans as part of their new "Boomeraction" block. Its regular slot will be at 10:30 PM (EST), with the other shows in the block being Justice League Unlimited (at 11:00 PM, EST) and The Batman (at 11:30 PM, EST)."

Fan Fiction

Want to write a Titans story of your own?

As certain users here have expressed the desire to write fan fiction of Teen Titans (and as the series itself has ended, making it unlikely to have further exclusive news), the Teen Titans Fan Fiction Wiki has been created for exactly such a purpose, though is still ripe in its development. Please go here: Teen Titans Fan Fiction wiki and create an account to start writing fan fic!


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The Teen Titans Fan Fiction includes certain videos. These videos give a brief overview to the Teen Titans universe; this particular video encourages all users on this wiki to try to band together in a last effort to save the Teen Titans series. 280px|center

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